McDonald’s Hello Kitty Plushies: Singaporeans Crazy, Malaysians Unaffected

Do you remember how, not too long ago, Singaporeans were fighting over McDonald’s Hello Kitty plushies YET AGAIN? 🙂

McDonald’s Malaysia is also offering the Fairy Tales range of plushies at the moment. And the response is VERY different.

The Malaysians don’t seem to care much about the Hello Kitty plushies. Here’s proof:

You can pick any plushie from the range – All are in stock!

McDonald's Malaysia Hello Kitty plushies

There is NOT EVEN ONE ‘Sold Out’ sticker! 

I bought the final one in this range today: The Singing Bone kitty. It was SUPPOSEDLY a LIMITED EDITION plushie in Singapore. And Singaporeans went crazy over it.

In Malaysia, you can get as many as you want.

McDonald's Malaysia Hello Kitty plushies

The plushies are going for RM9.95 with any meal. That’s about S$3.90 for each plushie.

I even spotted a guy who bought what looked like just ONE meal and about 5 or 6 plushies:McDonald's Malaysia Hello Kitty plushies 

Yes, I felt very silly going in every week just to order a meal and buy a plushie. (@_@) I had thought the Kitty craze would have spread to JB. Apparently not.

I should have waited till all 5 plushies were released, bought one meal, and the whole range at one go. 😀

That’s what I am going to do next time! Because sharing is caring, I’m telling YOU too, so if you’re as crazy a kitty fan as I am, we can just head to JB in future for our Hello Kitty fix. 😀

Also, KUDOS to McDonald’s Marketing Dept in Singapore! THANKS for getting us all falling over ourselves over the so-black-it-looks-like-charcoal Singing Bone Kitty just because you labeled it as “LIMITED EDITION”.

Actually, limited edition my foot.

I could have bought 10 of them today. But then it would have been REALLY silly! 😀


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  1. I’m in Bangkok now. The Mac here is also launching the kitties. No queue at all! We Singaporeans are really kiasu. Good thing I didn’t bother to join the mad rush for these in SG.

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