Sunday Siesta 2: Dough Figurines in Singapore!

[The Sunday Siesta series: You’ll find no advertorials and no sponsored posts. Just recommendations of stuff I really like, in no more than 3 paragraphs! Every Sunday! 🙂 ]

Last week, I visited Rivervale Mall and had a yummy nasi padang dinner there. The mall was once plagued by construction woes, “flooding” during rainy days, and all. But it is now worth a visit. 🙂 I was leaving the mall and heading home when I spotted an elderly couple near the NTUC exit, surrounded by curious onlookers.

They were making all sorts of dough figurines and I spotted some cute ones: Spongebob Squarepants, Lilo & Stitch, Domo-kun, Angry Birds, The Minions, etc. This uncle (in a festive red shirt and cap) bought two Christmas-sy figurines (a tree and a cute character). These handmade figurines were being sold at S$8 for 2 or S$4.50 each.

Singapore Dough Figurine

Singapore Dough Figurine

The auntie/female figurine artist told the little girl’s mother that many kids these days just receive ready-made toys and don’t get the chance to exercise some creativity and make their own toys. Hence, the auntie is very willing to let little children stand next to her and observe how she makes the figurines! I was BLOWN AWAY by what she said! It’s SO TRUE how kids these days just get their parents to buy them all the toys they want. They no longer try to make their own (LEGO doesn’t count ah!). Parents… food for thought? 🙂

Singapore Dough Figurine

If you’re curious about the figurine artists, you can find them on Facebook here: