Forever Friends Meet & Greet At Compasspoint: Be A Kid Again!

Forever Friends Meet and Greet

On Saturday, I went for the Hello Kitty Meet & Greet event at Westgate (next to Jurong East MRT Station) and on Sunday, I went for the Forever Friends show at CompassPoint.

The place was PACKED with kids and their parents. And it was such fun to join in. There was singing and dancing, and photo-taking!

Forever Friends compasspoint

When it was time to dance, the kids just stood up and danced like no one was watching. Well, at least most of them did. This little girl in the blue shirt almost trampled all over the fiance’s toes as he was seated next to me. She was shaking her booty to the music and it really cracked me up.

What is it we lose when we become adults?

That carefree sense of abandon. That exuberance. That freedom from not having to care about how others view us.

So yes, I’m gonna take pictures with Hello Kitty just ‘cos I am a kitty fan. Even if everyone else in the queue is either a screaming kid or a parent with a screaming kid. 😀 [Blogpost coming up soon]

I dare YOU to be a kid again. What is it you REALLY want to do, but you are afraid of doing because people *might* say that it’s childish/stupid/not age appropriate for you? 😉 Just try not to wail in public, ok?

Showtimes for those who are interested:

Forever Friends showtimes