iFi Video Challenge: Submission Deadline Extended!

Remember my previous blogpost about the iFi Academy Video Challenge? Well, you get more time to put together your winning video with the submission deadline extended to 27 April 2014. So take part and stand a chance to bring home S$10,000 in cash! 🙂

Simply shoot a video about IT, Training or Productivity related to F&B management, and submit it (exclusively) to IFI Academy. The video should show how innovation and IT can help increase the 2Ps (Productivity and Profits) of an F&B business. Be creative! For example, it could be a video about a hawker stall which lets customers place their order via iPads.


How to participate: Register via http://www.ifiacademy.com/videochallenge/


A TODAY report on 19 Nov 2013 was on how some companies have used technology to solve some of their business challenges.

1) Jack’s Place uses a manpower scheduling system to plan staff timetables based on “historical sales and employee availability”. Part-time/ temporary employees key in their available dates online, allowing managers to plan rosters more efficiently.

2) Han’s outlet managers used to fax handwritten order forms to the procurement officers but now everything from order input to delivery has been streamlined, eliminating errors caused by bad handwriting and carelessness. Tracking of inventory in real time is also made possible. And procurement officers and outlet managers have more time freed up for other duties.


I’m looking forward to checking out the creative entries in this video challenge! Judging this challenge should be fun! 😀

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