Blog Club: Pre-Christmas Lunch Buffet at Chiso Zanmai, Clarke Quay

Besides my blogging workshops, I have a Blog Club for a select few. It’s similar to a mastermind group, or “inner circle”. Instead of frequent meetups, we chat online in our ‘closed’ facebook group and via email. So, it was such fun to catch up with most of them today over a Japanese lunch buffet at Chiso Zanmai, Clarke Quay. 🙂

After the meal, we had a “gift exchange”. Here are all the presents stacked up at first…

* Carol is so amused *

Gift Exchange

A group pic when we are done:

Blog Club at Chiso Zanmai

I’m really thankful for this group of bloggers I really like. It’s hard to explain – it’s kinda like we are all on the same frequency. We are the ‘easy to get along with’ sort of people, and those who are not on the same frequency as we are, will tend to drop out of the group. I’d say it’s the ‘Law of Attraction’. 😀

At the end of the day, blogging AND making money is real fun. But what truly warms the cockles of my heart is being in the company of awesome friends. 😀

[Interested in joining my Blog Club? Come by for a workshop, and if we’re of the same ‘frequency’, you’ll get an invite!] *I’m still working on the workshop dates, but you can drop me an email (gracewwg at gmail dot com) anytime to register your interest. 🙂