Baby boys wielding knives on a North-East Line train & My Thoughts On Parenting

I was on my way to a lunch appointment today when I found myself seated next to a mother carrying a boy (who can’t be more than 1.5 years old). The boy was holding a knife (albeit a toy one) and lashing away at his mother’s arm. She neither chided him nor told him to stop.

He then struggled to get out of his mother’s arms, ran over to a heavily tattooed man, and did the same. I am guessing the man is his father.

The maid was nearby, with a pram and an older boy (probably aged 4 or 5). And the older boy was brandishing a toy sword, with a blade that was even longer than his younger brother’s “knife”.

Both the kids were holding shiny blades which could pass off as genuine ones if you don’t take a closer look or hear them fall to the ground with the gentle thud that plastic toys make when they fall out of clumsy, fat fingers.

I didn’t know what to make of this.

I mean… the state of parenting has gone downhill since I-dunno-when. I once witnessed (on another train) a kid slapping his father repeatedly as the latter carried him. The little tyrant was screaming and crying though it was his dad who was getting beaten. Apparently, the helpless dude had made the most terrible mistake of not buying the toy that his oh-so-entitled kid deserved.

This is why I fear having kids. It can also be said that I fear kids.

“You mean that monster came out from me?! No sh*t!”


I do not feel confident about handling kids these days, whether they be my own or not.

I salute the teachers who slowly get driven nuts by tyrants disguised as toddlers and monsters disguised as schoolchildren.

My mother once insisted that I should be a schoolteacher as teaching is (supposedly) an “iron rice bowl” job. I am thankful I did not listen to her on this one instance. Well, ok, I did… I went for the MOE interview. But I turned up late and was unapologetic, thus ensuring I don’t have a hand in “moulding the future of our nation” and silently declaring I have a death wish.

If you are a teacher who patiently cares for the monsters, erm, I mean children under your charge, I salute you.

If you are a parent who gets bossed around, or worse still, SLAPPED by your children, shame on you. Wait… don’t argue. You mean you didn’t know this is what you signed up for when you decided your child is too precious to be disciplined/punished for any wrongdoing?

If you are a parent who sometimes rules the household with an iron fist, teach your children to toe the line, obey their elders and never, EVER embarrass your good self in public, good for you! That’s the way, man / mam!

You spare the rod, you spoil the child. 


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