Gallop Stable: Horse Riding in Singapore (Punggol Ranch)

Gallop Stable

On Friday, I went to Gallop Stable (Punggol Ranch) for a trial horse-riding session, as I’ve been on elephant and camel rides before, but never a horse ride. I also began to think that Punggol (what Singaporeans like to call a “birds don’t lay eggs” part of Singapore) is actually pretty amazing. For one, there’s the lovely Punggol Waterway here. And there are also numerous prawning ponds here – at last count, there are 3 operators. And since 12/12/12, there’s Gallop Stable.

My first horse ride:

Gallop Stable(photo credit: Clarence)

Coincidentally, I was given a pink helmet which matched my pink polo tee! 😀 Ben is a huge horse and looked entirely made up of muscles. Admittedly, I was afraid of being thrown off the horse and getting some bones broken. But nothing of that sort happened, apparently because the horses here are very well-trained.

Gallop Stable

Going round and round:

Gallop Stable

At 4pm, the weather was rather hot, and Ben was busy swatting flies with his tail. Often, I’d help shoo away a pesky fly or two. I guess it’s best to ride either early in the morning or when the sun is about to set.

I also realized that I’m not a ‘Horse Whisperer’. Ben got me in stitches when I gave him the command to go forward but he refused to budge. Imagine me bouncing around on his back, trying to coax him to move but to no avail. I had a truly good laugh. 😀


There are 26 horses and 15 ponies at Punggol Ranch, and there is a weight restriction if you want to ride them: 75kg for horse riders, and 35kg for pony riders.

The owner of Punggol Ranch and Gallop Stable is Jack, who once rode professionally and trained horses in Dubai. He noticed that Singaporeans who wanted to try horse-riding had to deal with long waiting times. Hence, he opened the first outlet in Pasir Ris, and later, a second in Bukit Timah.

Jack says it takes about one year to train a former race horse to become one that takes customers for rides. Thankfully, Ben did not bolt or I’d be blogging from another part of the world right now. 🙂 Jack is hopeful after reading SEA Games winner, Janine Khoo’s story, that her love for riding began when she sat in horse-driven carriages at the age of two. Perhaps the next champion will emerge from Gallop Stable? 😀

Fees (*Accurate at time of writing)

One-Time Trial Lesson: $85 (weekdays), $95 (weekends)

Joy Rides on Pony or Horse: $10 (2-3mins), $64.20 (30mins) [10am-12pm & 2pm-7pm daily except MONDAYS]

For rates for photoshoots, birthday parties, stable tours, team-building sessions and private or junior lessons, head over to

Directions to Gallop Stable

Bus no. 84 stops right outside Gallop Stable so it’s the best way to get there, besides driving. Just board the bus at Punggol Interchange (next to Punggol MRT station) and alight at the 6th stop, at Punggol Rd End), after the u-turn.

Gallop Stable

If you are driving, the address is Track 24, 900 Punggol Road, Singapore 829168. Parking is available.

Fancy a stay in one of the Wagons?

Gallop Stable

Gallop Stable

Deluxe Rooms (2 single beds) with 2 joy rides: $170/night (weekdays) and $200 on weekends

Family Rooms (1 queen size & 1 single bed) with 3 joy rides: $190 (weekdays), $230 (weekends)

For Enquiries / More Information:

Call 6690 0900 or visit


8 thoughts on “Gallop Stable: Horse Riding in Singapore (Punggol Ranch)

  1. I ve travaled 5 times to Singapore..I really love Singapore from the bottom of my heart!
    Nice places to visit, so many cultures and religions living together..I really hope to return there a day!
    when I was a little girl I always rided horses…I love horses!
    nice post!
    happy New Yaer my dear!

  2. Grace, you look so pretty & cheerful with Ben! My 1st horse riding experience was in Townsville with a group of friends & it was a 2-hr terrifying experience. The horses didn’t just trot, but was galloping through the forest even tho most of us were 1st-timers. Lol!

    Thanks so much for dropping by Luxury Haven! Many of those readers have followed me though years, & it’s about time I reward them with something. ^_^ Glad to know you’re a Hello Kitty fan too! Happy 2014, & have fun blogging! xoxo

  3. Hi Grace,

    Just stumbled across your blog and I’m so glad I did! You have a lovely space here 🙂 the gallop stable looks really Nice. The only place I have seen horses so far has been riders cafe. Nice to see another one:)


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