Sunday Siesta 6: What I Go To Jalan Kayu To Eat (Hint: NOT The Prata!)

[The Sunday Siesta series: You’ll find no advertorials and no sponsored posts. Just recommendations of stuff I really like, in no more than 3 paragraphs (usually)! Every Sunday! 🙂 ]

Mention ‘Jalan Kayu’ and most people will think of roti prata. But not me. Ever since I had Claypot Bee Hoon at Thohirah Restaurant, instead of ordering roti prata like just about everyone else, I don’t go back for prata anymore.

Thohirah Restaurant Claypot Bee Hoon

I think the claypot bee hoon is worth every cent of the S$6.50 price tag. I enjoy it more than the prata (which could sometimes be served less-than-warm). There’s beehoon, egg, prawn, at the bottom and vegetables and all on top.

Sometimes it really does pay off to order something different from what everyone else is eating. 😀 At the end of the meal, I’ll usually wash this all down with a teh halia. Just perfect for cold, rainy days, don’t you think so?