SEISHIN: Green Pet – Pet Bottle Water Culture

I was shopping at Clarke Quay’s The Central recently when I came across a store selling all sorts of interesting items. What caught my eye were the “SEISHIN Pet Bottle Water Culture” plant kits from Japan. I bought two of them – one for a cherry tomato plant and one for a wild strawberry plant.

SEISHIN self-watering kits

On the 4th day after I planted those seeds, this is what I see:

* Gonna get cherry tomatoes soon! *

SEISHIN Pet Bottle Water Culture Day 4

The wild strawberries are taking a while longer it seems. 😉 Anyway, here’s the setup video for those who have purchased the kit and can’t read the Japanese instructions:

Set-up Video:

I bought the plant kits from:


6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central #01-43

Price: S$16.90 each

*Update* 10/1/2014: I spotted the Pet Bottle kits at NBC – a gifts and stationery store – in Bugis Junction. They were retailing at S$12.50. OMG, I paid so much more at Shinnpark! 😛 😛 😛

Update: 12 Feb 2014

The cherry tomato plant is growing really well, on the ledge outside my HDB flat window. No cherry tomatoes as yet. Have noticed that the plant is ‘drinking’ quite a bit of water! I have to top up the bottle just about every other day! (Been over a month since I ‘planted’ it)

Pet Bottle Water Culture Green PetHave given up on the wild strawberry plant though. The seeds just won’t sprout – I don’t know why! 😦


8 thoughts on “SEISHIN: Green Pet – Pet Bottle Water Culture

  1. Hi Grace, I tried the wild strawberry one but it didn’t grow. Was wondering whether it has got to do with Singapore’s climate. Where did you place your plant at? How long did it take to germinate?

    • Hi Cindy,

      My wild strawberry one isn’t growing yet either. But I think I saw in the vid that it takes 2 weeks. My cherry tomato one is doing just fine. After I planted the seeds, I left them on my desk, not under direct sunlight. Now that they have sprouted and all, they are out on the window ledge. Cherry tomato plant took 4 days to pop out from under the “soil”. 🙂

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  3. hi grace,

    i also have a cherry tomato plant but mine seems to be quite small. im wondering also if we need to transplant it soon..? i think tomato plants grow tall and big and im thinking if the PET bottle is too small. im new to hydroponics and i dont really know where the roots go…or if they have enough space. do you think we need to move them? my plant is about 3-4″ tall only after a month or so.

    any tips on how to make them grow bigger? 🙂 i also dont put the fertilizer yet..seeing as filtered water gets them growing anyway. starting to put 2 spoonfuls per week though 🙂

    i bought a basil plant also, only 1 seed sprouted 😦

    • oh yea and i live in the philippines so we kind of have similar climates 🙂 i put my tomato near the window where sunset hits..(we dont have sunrise reaching our house unless its on the roof haha) i heard from a friend that wind and hot dry temperatures are good for them..?

    • Hi Kassie,

      I’m no expert on these 😀

      I don’t think transplants are needed. But yes, they might grow taller with fertilizer. I didn’t have much success with these plants. Probably they are only suited to Japan’s climate. 😀

  4. I tried the wild strawberry one, which I bought from Kinokuniya. I think I do have some luck, but the germination rate is very very poor as per some other internet comments about the very tricky and poor germination rates of wild strawberry plant seeds. Out of the 20 or so seeds I embedded in the wick, only 1 actually sprouted. I really hope it survives. And yes, I am in SG too.

    • Good luck to you then. 🙂 I kinda gave up on growing strawberries. But I do have a friend who’s successful at it. Check out her blog at

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