Your Date Of Birth & Your Destiny: Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling

I attended UCMHP Academy’s seminar yesterday to find out more about a topic I have little knowledge of: how a person’s date of birth can provide an insight into his/her character and destiny.

The founder of the Academy is Dr Bernard Yeo, who recently published a book titled ‘Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself’.

A seminar participant getting Dr Yeo’s autograph:Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling

There were about 20 participants, most of whom seemed to be aged 40 and above. I guess we were all there to find out what our date of birth and time of birth signaled in terms of the amount of wealth we would amass in this life (Am I going to be a millionaire?), what sort of jobs are suitable for us (Should I have signed on with MOE?), and what our destiny has in store for us.

Dr Yeo told us that the Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling is 90% accurate. It is based on the Law of Pythagoras. I was rather taken aback when Dr Yeo told us that our numbers can tell us when we will die, and even how (there are “heart attack numbers”, “cancer numbers”, “stroke numbers”) and may the good Lord bless you if you happen to have these numbers. There are also “lesbian numbers” and “gay numbers” (For parents who have always wanted to know if their child is a homosexual or not), “jail numbers” (will you go to jail in this lifetime?) and “sleeping wife numbers” which will allegedly tell if your wife is likely to end up, well, sleeping around.

[*If you want to find out if you have these “numbers”, you’ll have to attend the 2-day seminar*]

Because the reading is done purely based on numbers (date and time of birth), it eliminates the possibility of self-bias that plagues other profiling tools, such as the common DISC profiling method. This also means that you can do profiling for babies.

How Accurate Was My ‘Reading’?

Based on my date of birth, my Universal Character Number is 1. According to the book, “a UC type 1 personality is usually good-looking, charismatic and in touch with his or her own feelings and emotions”. Well… it sounds right? They got me at “good-looking”. 😀

Also, “They enjoy exploring uncharted territories and have a strong desire to be first in everything that they do”. That sounds quite right too.

However, when it comes to career choices, I am appalled. “Automotive and transportation, financial institutions and stockbroking, hardware, mechanical engineering, law enforcement and legal, jewelry, and research-based sciences.” No blogging?! (@_@) And unfortunately, I have zero interest in all of these industries.

Then, of course, I had an inexplicable urge to do the same calculations for the fiance. And it turns out he’s a 6. “Type 6 individuals are usually family-oriented and willing to compromise their personal interests for the benefit of others.” Bingo! “Due to their caretaker nature, they also tend to attract partners who are somewhat weaker and needier than themselves – partners that they can take care of.” Unfortunately, I have to violently oppose this. Weak? Me? 😛

Then it goes on with “They also have a taste for the finer things in life, love money, and are likely to prize material wealth and branded goods.” That’s totally not him. He still prizes those jeans from his university days – can’t get him to burn discard them.

The ‘industry career choices’ are also largely similar to those for type 1. Hmm…

Remember, though, that this method of profiling is 90% accurate, not 100%.

Do You REALLY Want To Know?

Like in my previous blogpost about aura reading, I guess you need to be prepared before you venture into the unknown. Can you take the shock of realizing you have “cancer numbers”? Will you look at your wife differently upon realizing she has “sleeping wife numbers”? What changes will you make to your child’s education upon knowing he has “gay numbers”?

Dr Yeo tells us that “What is predictable is preventable” but what happened to “Let Nature runs its course”?

His point that this profiling can help you decide whether or not to get into a business venture with certain people does seem to make a lot of sense. Though I would also say that sometimes, going with your gut feeling could also be an option.

But for people who are always feeling very lost, a profiling session could be very insightful. I know some people just need a pat on the back, some directions/instructions, and even permission to do what they want to do and be successful at it. In this case, you just might want to give UCM Human Profiling a go!

The Course

Dr Yeo has a 2-day seminar for those interested in learning more about the Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling, and it is priced at S$997. Freebies include a 1-day seminar on UCMHP 9 Years’ Cycles, a free book and a t-shirt.  

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  1. The career choices is related to your number and the elements.
    Similarly, the health issues and problems is also related to your numbers, and/or inherited from your parents, and can be derived on the type of potential illnesses

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