Sunday Siesta 7: My Love For Traveling & Colorful Bags

[The Sunday Siesta series: You’ll find no advertorials and no sponsored posts. Just recommendations of stuff I really like, in no more than 3 paragraphs! Every Sunday! 🙂 ]

Ripcurl backpackI’m heading to Hong Kong later this month and I can’t help but want to pack my bags already! 😀 I’ve booked 3 holidays at a go, because of recent Scoot promotions. The round trip airfares (for 2) to Hong Kong cost just S$117.26 all-in! Even if we were to fly there just for dim sum in the afternoon, it would seem worth it. LOL! After all, I read that someone’s taxi fare during the opening of the MCE was over 70 bucks. It’s sometimes cheaper to fly! 😀

It is thus hilarious how some World Ventures folks think that I must hate traveling because I refused to join their MLM company and blogged (here, here and here). I LOVE to travel, just not with banner-waving folks and having to con-vince 4 of my friends to join WV. I save much more on my holidays when I book them myself. Airfares for 2 to Taipei and back: S$473.34. Airfares for 2 to Bangkok and back: S$252.98. Ridiculously low fares, right? I’d like to see WV beat that!

Also, I LOVE colorful bags. When I had a full-time corporate job, I tended to buy bags in practical colors – namely, black. These days, I get them in all colors. Life’s too amazing to carry a bag in a boring color. If I wear colorful clothes, it might seem garish and OTT. But a bag in rainbow hues is just such a welcome splash of color. The Ripcurl backpack in the picture above is from Australia. I think it cost me less than 30 AUD. It’s probably too small to contain all my shopping loot in Hong Kong, so I’ll bring a spare bag! 😀

I seriously can’t wait to fly! 😀