30 Minute Cookin’ Challenge: Seafood Brown Rice, Steamed Black Silken Tofu & Laksa La Mian

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This is a winning blogpost in the Panasonic – 30 Minute Cookin’ Blogger Challenge! 😀 My prize is the Panasonic LUMIX GF6, worth S$749! 😀

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Early this month, I had the pleasure of visiting celebrity chef Eric Teo’s studio. Chef Eric is one of six chefs featured on http://www.30minutecookin.com (yes, cookin’, without the ‘g’). The site aims to equip time-strapped Singaporeans with the resources they need for gourmet cooking – from videos, to recipes, to tips from the celebrity chefs like Tony Khoo, Eric Neo, John See, Amri Azim and Sebastian Goh.

Powered by Rolleyes, a social media platform, the aim is to help Singaporeans “cook like a pro” – serve up a two or three-course meal within 30 minutes!

Chef Eric Teo even did a demo for us and we learnt how to prepare Wild Mushroom Fritters, Stir Fried Brown Rice with Sambal Belachan, and an Egg Tofu dish. The plating done for these dishes, as you can imagine, was pretty stunning:

Mushroom fritters sitting in a ‘sampan’?

30 Minute Cookin Wild Mushroom Fritters

Egg Tofu like never before seen:

30 Minute Cookin Steamed Egg Tofu

Brown Rice with Sambal Belachan (Note: cook this dish only in a well-ventilated kitchen, unless you want to run out of your kitchen choking)

30 Minute Cookin Stir Fried Brown Rice with Sambal Belachan

And of course, a picture with the obliging chef:

Grace and Chef Eric Teo

The bloggers present were given some goodies including Taiwan beer, Heavenly brown rice, Unicurd tofu, etc. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to attempt a 30-minute cooking challenge. It wasn’t as easy as I had thought because I came up with my own (new) recipes. And there were some problems, such as *ahem* how I have never cooked brown rice before. No, wait, I’ve never cooked rice before. (@_@) But I have seen my mum operating the rice cooker before. And I thought… “why not use soup stock instead of water to cook the rice in?” Hence, this dish of ‘Seafood Brown Rice’ was born.

The ingredients, with a (sponsored) pack of Heavenly brown rice:Seafood Brown Rice ingredients 30 Minute Cookin

[Prawns, squid, baby carrots, shitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, chili padi, ginger, garlic, shallots]

Cook all the ingredients in a pot, season with some pepper, then remove the soup -> to be used for cooking the rice.

Instead of water:Seafood Brown Rice 30 Minute Cookin

Mix the cooked rice with the ingredients used to cook the soup, then plate:Seafood Brown Rice plated 30 Minute Cookin

While the rice was being cooked, I was steaming the (sponsored) Black Silken Tofu at the same time. Here are the ingredients used:

Black Silken Tofu ingredients 30 Minute Cookin

I’m a fan of tofu but I have never tried black silken tofu before. Apparently, it is made from black soy beans and has “25% more calcium” than regular tofu. I steamed the tofu with some sliced carrot and wolfberries. Why wolfberries? In Chinese cooking, wolfberry is prized for certain properties such as how it helps improve eyesight, strengthen the immune system, nourish the liver and kidneys, and promotes overall blood circulation. I have low blood pressure so including wolfberries in my cooking can help prevent certain ailments such as dizziness. Also, wolfberries have such a lovely bright red color.

As for seasoning, I used oyster sauce, sesame oil and some “hua teow jiu” which I believe is Chinese rice wine used for cooking.

I might have overcooked the tofu (first time working with Unicurd Black Tofu 😀 ) – it looks a little misshapen but is still tasty nonetheless:

Black Silken Tofu 30 Minute Cookin

My fuss-free 30 Minute Cookin meal:30 Minute Cookin meal

I made a fruit salad using antioxidant-rich strawberries, blueberries and rambutans. No fuss. Also, I opened a can of lychee-flavoured Taiwan Beer (sponsored).

The 30 Minute Cookin website provides more than videos and recipes. It also shares tips from top chefs. Here are some of my tips for those who want to cook their own meals, like I did:

  1. Clean As You Go – this is probably the most important tip. During meal preparation, some people will simply let the dishes pile up in the sink, and wash them only after the meal is over. Not me. The sight of a sink overflowing with dirty plates ruins all the happy moments I had while eating. So, I clean up as I cook. While the tofu is sitting on the stove and the rice is being cooked, I do all the washing.
  2. Get help in laying the table and in cleaning up – If you have kids at home, let them wash the veggies for a salad or some fruit. Rope your spouse in during the clean-up process. Even if he/she is hopeless at washing plates, most people can dry plates with a towel, right?
  3. Steaming can be way easier than say, deep-frying. There’s no grease to scrape off during the clean-up process, and it’s also a plus that steaming is a healthier method of cooking.
  4. Steaming vs Frying: I prefer steaming food when I am busy, because I just have to ensure there’s enough water in the wok I use (no fancy kitchen equipment like Panasonic appliances yet!) and I can just go off and reply to emails or make some calls. Unlike when frying or boiling food, I don’t have to stand right beside the stove for fear that I’d burn the house down.

Recipes You Should Try:

This is from the 30 Minute Cookin’ website – it’s Ayam Panggang. Looks absolutely delicious! 🙂

30 Minute Cookin Ayam Panggang

{ More recipes HERE }

Another Challenge?

I was also given a pack of Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian, which promises a delectable meal in just SEVEN MINUTES! Amazing!

I chose ingredients I like, such as lady’s finger and chili padi. I also included the Unicurd Black Tau Kwa I was given. 🙂

Prima Taste Laksa La Mian

The dish is truly super easy to prepare. And it is MUCH tastier than regular instant noodles. You can include any ingredient you like – so I added soft boiled eggs (love the runny yolk which oozes out). 😀


Prima Taste Laksa La Mian

The bf really enjoyed this dish of Laksa La Mian! I need to buy more of these Prima Taste goodies for days when I want to impress people with my *ahem* ‘cooking skills’. 😀

~ For More Culinary Inspiration ~

30 Minute Cookin site: http://www.30minutecookin.com/

Rolleyes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rolleyesss


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