Sunday Siesta 8: Learn A New Language for FREE with Duolingo

[The Sunday Siesta series: You’ll find no advertorials and no sponsored posts. Just recommendations of stuff I really like, in no more than 3 paragraphs! Every Sunday! 🙂 ]


I have puffy eyes this morning from sleeping late last night because I was having such fun learning (actually, revising) French on the Duolingo site. My friend, Steven Lek, shared on Facebook that it is possible to learn a new language for free – no ads, no membership fees, no software, etc. And I was hooked!

Pick a language of your choice and learn as you play! It’s pretty amazing!

Why did I pick French? I think it’s such a lovely language – everything just sounds more sophisticated when it’s in French, don’t you think so? 😀 It also sounds so pleasing to the ear – someone can be insulting another person and it’ll still sound like praise to people who don’t understand French. LOL! Staying home today? Why not pick up a new language while having fun? 🙂