My Personal Trainer & Parkour Enthusiast, Raphael Lim, on 938LIVE

Typing this as I tune in to the radio interview. Raphael is being interviewed on 938LIVE ‘The Good Life’. He apparently wowed some people in the Green Room.

Look what I found on 938LIVE’s facebook page:

Raphael in 938LIVE Green Room

I’ve watched my trainers, Cain and Raphael, attempt their parkour stunts before, and tried some “simple” moves too (which were, admittedly, quite challenging for me).

Like Raphael mentioned during the interview, parkour is for people of all fitness levels. Just exercise some common sense… if you are not very fit yet, don’t attempt the high level moves, unless you want to break something.

I like that the parkour movements are all full body workouts, without isolating any muscles like in gym training. That makes it all really time-efficient and because it all looks like ‘play’, a lot more fun! 🙂