Scoot Takes A Dig At Anton Casey But Some Deem The Ad Distasteful

Scoot Anton Casey


So… while I was away in Hong Kong, Anton Casey was misbehaving here in Singapore, and I got back in time to find out he had escaped to Perth. Hot on the heels of his escape came a FlyScoot promotion: 50% off fares from Singapore to Perth.

Why people would want to follow Anton Casey to Perth, I know not. But it seems that Scoot’s facebook fans don’t all agree with Scoot’s capitalizing on Casey’s escape:

Scoot Anton Casey

I do think the dude deserves all the criticism directed at him, but I’m not too sure why Scoot would want to drag the (innocent) wife and kid into this.

Scoot’s campaign aside, I’m wondering – if the Little India riot was a result of pent-up dissatisfaction among foreign workers, is the uproar regarding Anton Casey’s FB postings also an indication of pent-up dissatisfaction towards expats and “rich” foreigners?