Giveaway: Giant Macaron Cakes from Bakerz Lab

[Valentines’ Day Giveaway of THREE Giant Macaron Cakes worth S$45 each at the end of this blogpost]


The 3 winners have been picked! Congratulations: Cheryl Kee, Jolin Moonzdestiny and Chong Siew Huay! πŸ˜€ Giveaway Success

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When I first heard about and its audacious tagline of “Home of the Best Macarons In Singapore”, I was suitably impressed. And very curious. Do they really have the best macarons in Singapore? I headed to their outlet at Sultan Plaza, a short bus ride from Bugis Junction, to find out.


I was given a tray of macarons to sample, and despite my sweet tooth, I could not eat more than 5 of them at one sitting. (@_@) I brought the durian macarons home for my sister to sample, since I do not eat durian. Her verdict: “Pretty awesome”.

Here are the macaron flavors I tried: Hokkaido green tea, Lemon zest, French vanilla, Double chocolate, Rose, Blueberry, Chocolate mint, Honey Mango, Cookies and cream, Mocha, Maple bak kwa. Wow! That’s a LOT! πŸ˜€

My favorites: Hokkaido Green Tea, Double Chocolate, Honey Mango. I wouldn’t say all the flavors sold here would qualify to be “THE BEST IN SINGAPORE” but my three favs are pretty good. Give them a try!

In case you are wondering, yes, the maple bak kwa macarons come with a piece of bak kwa in the middle – it is halal chicken bak kwa from a Chinese Muslim seller. Sold out before CNY too.

Bakerz Lab Founders

The Founder and Head Chef, Kevin Teo, first started making macarons for his wife, Joy, because she loves the sweet treat. Then, with a recipe from his friend, he decided to start Bakerz Lab. Macarons are sold at S$2.50 per piece (S$13.80 for 6, S$23.60 for 12). Premium Flavors like the Mocha one go for S$3 per piece (S$16.50 for 6, S$29.40 for 12).

Delivery is free if you purchase at least S$200 worth of macarons. Otherwise, delivery costs S$18.

Check them out at and ‘Like’ their facebook page here:Β

*Check their facebook page for updates on new flavors, store opening hours and their latest promotions! Remember to make an appointment before popping by their store! πŸ™‚

{ Singapore-Only Giveaway }

Giant Macaron Cake Giveaway

WIN one of three Giant Macaron Cakes from Bakerz Lab and delight your sweetheart this Valentines’ Day! πŸ˜€ This giveaway is only for residents of Singapore. Winners have to collect their prizes directly from Bakerz Lab.

*Update: The giveaway has ended and winners have been contacted via email. Thanks, everyone, for participating! πŸ™‚


120 thoughts on “Giveaway: Giant Macaron Cakes from Bakerz Lab

  1. I would love to have Oreo Strawberry giant macaron since it is nearing to my parents 30th anniversary and Valentine’s day, I would like to give them this sweet treat to wish their love be as sweet as this giant macaron eternally! πŸ™‚ Thanks Grace! β™‘

  2. I would like to win the Dark Chocolate Strawberry to give to my dear mother for Valentines Day. She loves dark chocolate n desserts, so I know she’ll love this! πŸ˜€

  3. Wow this is the biggest and most magnificent Macaron I have ever seen. I would like to experience eating it. This would be a unique gift for loved ones and friends. I will keep this in mind…KT

  4. This special day, i would love to spent it with my hubby & 3 lovely kids… Hope to win Dark Chocolate Strawberry as Chocolate is their favourite ❀ Thank you Grace for having awesome giveaway ❀

  5. Happy new year to u and your family!!
    Its hard to choose between the two as i love them both but if really have to choose one i will have dark chocolate strawberry as having the palate with a fruity strawberry and the bitterness of the dark chocolate will be quite nice~~~!

  6. WOW, Giant Macaron Cake! I would love to surprise my loved ones with Dark Chocolate Strawberry.

  7. Dark chocolate strawberry!

    Bitter sweetness with lovely strawberries juiciness tingling at the end.

    That’s how love is

  8. My family and I all love the delicious Dark Chocolate Strawberry! Especially make from Bakerz Lab. It is the best in Singapore. Thanks Grace for the Wonderfully Awesome giveaway!! Yummy!!

  9. hello Grace! the macarons from this shop looks really decent, would check it out one day! i would love to try dark chocolate giant macaron!~ happy blogging!~ ^^

  10. Oooooh! I would love to have a Dark Chocolate Strawberry!! February is a month full of LOVE! Gimme gimme a macaron cake to celebrate the month of LOVE! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  11. I would love to get the dark chocolate strawberry for my bestie whose birthday happens to fall on the valentine day, 14th february. Who says only lovers can celebrate on that fateful day? πŸ˜€

  12. I have been a fan of and have tried their different flavors and love them! Would love to try their giant Macaron cake! Oreo strawberry please!

  13. I would like to win the Oreo Strawberry Giant Macaron Cake for my husband upcoming birthday. He is a HUGE fans of Macaron ^^

  14. Dark Chocolate Strawberry…to celebrate my husband’s 78th birthday with the whole family on 14th Feb which is so special this year as it also coincides with Valentine’s Day and the 15th day of the Lunar New Year!

  15. Liked & shared:) Thanks Grace for this awesome giveaway! Will like to have the Dark Chocolate Strawberry for Daniel!:) as this is our last Valentine’s Day before our wedding! It’ll be a pleasant surprise for him!:))

  16. Choice – Oreo Strawberry Macaron

    I hope I can win the oreo strawberry macaron for my beloved wife. Macaron is one of her favourite dessert and I will be an awesome gift for her during this V-day season.


  17. Dark Chocolate Strawberry as this is the second time i and my bf celebrate Valentines’ Day

  18. I would love to win and try the Dark Chocolate Strawberry! The dark chocolate seems likely to compliment the sweetness of the giant macaron cake! πŸ˜€

    • Sorry, just realised logging in using twitter account doesn’t provide with my email. Hence, I replied here with an email add.

  19. Oreo strawberry please…. To delight my beloved. Many thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  20. Would like to win Dark Chocolate strawberry for my aunt as it’s my aunt’s birthday on Valentine’s day and she doesn’t like too sweet cakes, so this will be a nice surprise for her seeing it’s dark chocolate and strawberry as well! Such a good combination! πŸ™‚


  21. i would like to try Oreo Strawberry because its a combination that i have yet tried before. I would love to share this wonderful cute giant macron with my bf for valentine day because both of us are sweet tooth lovers πŸ™‚

  22. wow this post is amazing. to be honest i have not had my dinner. and im such a big fan of macarons! the oreo strawberry looks so tantalizing! being a big fan of oreos and strawberries. the fact that its made fresh everyday. i am going to have a big problem in sharing it. but i will do my best to spread the word and taste of this great macaron!

  23. 14 February 2014 is an exceptional day for my husband as he celebrates his 78th birthday.This day is even more meaningful this year as the Valentines’ Day of the East coincides with the Valentines’ Day of the West. Happening only once in a century, this special occasion calls for a triple celebration with our loved ones, I would hope to surprise him with a lovely Dark Chocolate Strawberry Giant Macron Cake from Bakerkz Lab on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion!

  24. Liked and shared. Macarons are my weaknesses! My choice will be dark chocolate strawberry! ^^

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