World Ventures: EPIC FAIL

A recent comment from yet another World Ventures member has confirmed what I have suspected all along. This one is from Jay, email address:, IP address:

“I know all the people you guys mention. Dyna Lim the tution-teacher, Jeremiah Gee the radio dj from Singapore. Each have strength / weakness. Although most of my fren in worldventure not making money at the moment, we have a lot of fun having party, group holiday. Its my cup of tea. Dyna taught us be like the spider, not frog. The frog laugh at the spider for taking long time to build the web to catch insect. The frog can catch insect with its tongue quickly. One day the frog grow old and cannot catch insect fast. The spider could just wait for insects to get trap and eat the insect. So Dyna teach us, other people work 9 to 5 are frog. We are the spider build the web with worldventure, need time to build but in the end we have insect to eat. So althogh now we not making money, we dun nid to worry. Thanks for letting me to share, if there are people who like having party and group holiday, come and build the spider web.”

My reply to Jay:

“Thanks for sharing, Jay! I really support the idea of generating passive income, building a business, throwing parties and having fun. Really. I quit my full-time job to be a blogger! Thing is, I don’t like spinning a web of lies and conning 4 friends to join the organization. Friends don’t spin webs for friends. Can you blame me?”


1) This is the part I cannot understand: “Although most of my fren in worldventure not making money at the moment, we have a lot of fun having party, group holiday. Its my cup of tea.” Ok… so MOST of you guys are NOT making money but are throwing parties and having group holidays. I find this incredibly hard to understand. But it’s your cup of tea, or poison, so I’ll leave you to drink it. CHEERS!

2) This Dyna person is really screwing with your minds huh? “Dyna taught us be like the spider, not frog… We are the spider build the web with worldventure, need time to build but in the end we have insect to eat. So althogh now we not making money, we dun nid to worry.” I DO get the metaphor, trust me. Though I think it is HILARIOUS! I’m coming up with lines like “spinning webs of deceit”, “trapping and killing”, etc. As I have mentioned COUNTLESS times, I am highly uncomfortable with the fact that I have to get 4 other friends to join WV, and that my holidays won’t be cheaper than if I book them myself (proven fact), and group holidays are the WORSE (travel with the blue banner gang? Spare me, please!) In case you THINK you are like the spiders and spinning webs and not making money now, but hoping to get insects in future… WHAT IF people like Dyna are the spiders… and YOU are the insect trapped in the web? 😀 Think about it!

3) I like your parting shot, really. “if there are people who like having party and group holiday, come and build the spider web.” I think you meant to say “If there are people who like to hand over money in the hopes of eventually making some, like to party while not making money, and love holidaying with a bunch of people waving blue banners, AND love either being insects trapped in someone’s web OR spinning webs to trap your friends and make them the “insects” you leech off… join WV!”

Seriously, WV leaders, what in the world are you teaching these guys?! 

I need to add one more item to my highly popular ‘5 Reasons Why I Refuse To Join World Ventures‘ blogpost: That Leadership Team.

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17 thoughts on “World Ventures: EPIC FAIL

  1. Hahah Grace yr reply to him make my day lol
    I wonder how long have he build his web and how many insects have he caught

    • Hey Desmond, if he’s partying so much, and leaving blog comments, I don’t think he has a huge web or many insects. Like I said, I suspect he is someone else’s “insect”. 😉

  2. I can totally relate to what Jay said, as I have been through all that with another company selling a whole different set of products. There are a number of reasons why the scheme is so compelling:

    #1 – They just need 1 or 2 successful cases to sink their entire belief system in. It doesn’t matter if they’re making money now, there are cases where people joined for 3-4 years before they see their first decent paycheque, and that is enough to keep new joiners believing that they could also do it in time to come. Unfortunately, that is true and those who do not see immediate results would keep doing the business until they succeed. Hope is a very powerful tool.

    #2 – They just need someone they’re familiar with to do the business with them and they will stick to it for the sake of the relationship. For me, I had good friends who trusted me so much that they joined me with no questions asked. Later on, with some influence from my uplines, I started to pressure my friends to perform, and our relationship turned sour. That is why they say this business makes you lose friends. Some people will try to dispel such beliefs by claiming that they didn’t lose friends and they still go out with their friends. The truth is though friends still go out with you, they have this “firewall” that is constantly on guard because of the tactics that you have used on them. Some people are too blind to sense it or they are lying to themselves. It’s a really horrible feeling. Anyway, if someone like Jay sees another friend who has a similar background as himself and is making some decent income from this business, he will definitely have another reason to stick on.

    #3 – It’s the “easiest” business around. The truth is spoken by Jay – “if there are people who like having party and group holiday, come and build the spider web.” Who doesn’t want to do what they love and make money at the same time? Unfortunately, that is also true. All these companies deal with leisure and wellness goods. Why? Because it’s marketed to majority of the people who are willing to spend money on these things, and it’s designed to reach out to as many people as possible. I used to live such a “dream” too. Guess what happened. This group of people ended up doing exactly what Jay is doing now – partying and holidaying. That’s all. Eventually, a group of hungry dreamers became a group of fat day-dreamers who didn’t even bother taking care of their own weight (and we were selling slimming products!)

    #4 – The “chicken rice theory”. We learnt this chicken rice story – if you want to start a chicken rice business and you go tell everyone your idea but if they don’t think much of it, what are you going to do? Do it or give up? The standard answer was to do it, because if everyone else thinks it works, they would have done it and you will have the whole world competing against you. So this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – you tell others, they say no, you keep doing it. A really brilliant formula to keep people in the business and unfortunately, it’s true and it works. Eventually, the ones who still have some business sense left in them woke up from the dream and started working hard in their own fields. The ones with no sense of what’s going on just keeps on living the chicken rice dream.

    There are truly successful cases of network marketers succeeding and sustaining. How did they do it? Just like every successful business – they sell products and services that people want, not by partying and holidaying all day long. They sell products just like any other salesperson. Eventually they build their own “network” by recruiting. Sometimes they have to be aggressive, just like any other business. Some people have this charisma which can do the job for them, but the fact is not everyone has it. There are people who recruit on a massive scale and got really good results – young guys who make consistent 5-figure income (but only for 2-3 years) driving nice cars without having a university education and working experience.

    After 3 years, the company I was with started losing some of their products and I started asking lots of questions. I see people leaving but I kept hearing the same set of reasons from my uplines. Then I asked the million dollar question – was there ever a soul in this company who made a sustainable income for the last 5 years of the company’s existence? Even my uplines admitted that there have been a number of months that they haven’t seen a paycheque.

    Eventually, I planned my exit strategy (yes I was so into the system that I couldn’t just say bye bye and leave, I had to have an exit strategy!) – at first I tried doing my own sales, “property-style”: by distributing pamphlets in private estates. Then I started doing “internet-marketing-style”, similar to what you see from World Ventures, but I used Twitter instead of Facebook. I got a great start – there were some overseas interest in the product I was selling, I even took the trouble to mail them samples to entice them to purchase. But it all came down to “too expensive”. I tried the sales rebuttal taught by my uplines but it didn’t work. One day I went to Watson’s and found a whole rack of similar products that I was selling, at a cheaper price. I tell myself, maybe the quality is lesser. But I got a shock of my life when I saw that the ingredients were better than mine. Now how in the world am I going to sell something that is more expensive but contains lesser stuff to a market of consumers who are so intelligent today with access to Google and a myriad of social network that is going to bombard them with 1001 ways to save money getting the best deal? I got my answer and I fully executed my exit, to the extent of avoiding calls and text from my uplines.

    I had a few other reasons why I left, but essentially it was not a sustainable business for me and not what I want to do for a career. I don’t mean to discourage anyone from joining such businesses, but I do hope people learn to be honest to themselves eventually. I’ve seen many people so blinded by what the system taught them that they refuse to face reality. Once I was in a meeting where I suggested everyone went out to do their own sales to get at least a decent income and guess what was the response I got – “it doesn’t matter if we’re making money now, what matters is the bonding between us. If we had focus on our own personal sales, we would not be able to keep this bonding anymore!”. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. And mind you these are not gullible teenagers – they are working adults age between 25-40. I realize Jay might be ’75 from his email, so that makes him 39 years old. If Jay is reading this, I just hope he really knows what he wants and be honest to himself. He might realize this later, or even never, but I just hope he will find what he really wants and follow his real dreams eventually.

    • I was with WV for a year before I finally decided to leave. The WV business not only requires great amounts of time and effort investment, but is only suitable for a very select section of the workforce, i.e. those who can simply jet off at anytime to enjoy a holiday. For those like me who have school-going kids, it is seriously not a business model that works. Since I am neither an aggressive SR nor have I had any success garnering a cheaper holiday deal by booking through WV, getting out was the best business decision I made. Grace is right. There are many, many good travel deals out that on the internet that do not require a monthly membership and allow us the flexibility to determine our travel arrangements.

  3. I was approached by WV member before. The moment I heard I have to “trap 4 insects” from among my friends, I immediately said NO. Up till today, whenever I see friends posting photos of themselves and their family or friends holidaying overseas with that blue banner “You Should Have Been Here”, I will ask, “Why on earth should one go holiday on one’s own money and still help to advertise for a company, and not getting paid for it?” And, the catch is, with such a “membership”, one has to keep planning to spend money to travel so as to enjoy the so-called discounts. I borrow my hubby’s favourite tease on “Shop n Save” brand name. He used to ask, “How to save when you already shopped?” To him, shopping is spending, not saving. So, if you keep having to plan a holiday to one of those destinations in their list, then you’re spending more than you should. Wouldn’t it be better to go anywhere you like and try to get a good deal through discounts or deals offered by the airline, hotels, etc.instead?

    • Exactly. Thing is… those who are already trapped in someone’s web don’t know they are trapped. They think they are spiders in training though they are well and truly trapped bugs. 😉

  4. I already recruit 4 and pay no more, but 1 friend wants to drop out. When my friend drop out I will also quit, firstly because of having 2nd thoughts and also I dont want to pay the monthly fee. But I feel guilty towards the other 3 friends, any advice how to tell them?

    Now I am not active in worldventures so I don’t attend trainings even though worldventures has opened in my country. When I first join, I travel all the way to Singapore and attend Dyna class for training. She introduced to the class about her entry into this biz. She firmly told her husband, ‘Either you join me, or you bless me.’ She also tell us when driving on the road she will never give way to other drivers. I was shocked when I first heard, but then she share with us how she persevere and bring in people 1 by 1, and became a SR. I was impressed and believe that she is successful because she is aggressive. In your experience, do sales reps who are more aggressive generally make more money?

    • Hi “anon”, are you afraid I’ll blog about you, hence your email address is also stated as “”? ;)In that case, if you’re reading this, it’s not because you received an email update that I am responding to your comment. LOL.

      I guess honesty is the best policy. Just tell your friends what you intend to do, and why. I believe they will appreciate your honesty, vs. your quitting without letting them know. You have a responsibility towards them since you brought them into WV.

      I personally detest aggressive sales reps. And I think drivers who “will never give way to other drivers” are just plain mean. Yes, she may be rich. Yes, some people may deem her “successful”. But do I think she is a good person? Do I respect the way she conducts herself in public? Do I agree with what she is teaching people? No. Make all the money you want, but in a way that people will respect you for it, please.

  5. There’s 2 sides of a coin, n it all boils down to perspectives. If u’re comfortable at being a slave to doing what u’re doing on an active income model, nobody really cares.

    Conversely, there r plenty of ppl out there who’ve had enough of not having enough, doing what they do for however long, since entering the workforce.

    At the end of the day, ppl wanna do what they do for retirement and/or to leave a legacy for their kids.

    If u believe referring 4 or more ppl to be an act of lying, cheating & conning, nobody’s interested what u think, bcos, proven results have given multitudes across the globe the opportunity to live their lives as their wish to, as they could or as they should.

    Wherever u’re from, whatever u’re doing, if u’ve found a platform or solution that takes care of your retirement plans, and if it’s also taking care of annual inflation… good for u.

    If not, good luck to u 🙂

    • Hey Alvin, here’s something for your reading pleasure:

      I have nothing against network marketing. I love passive income – I just take steps to ensure I can go to sleep every night peacefully, knowing I have not conned anybody. 🙂

      If you think that you can go against your conscience and con 4 friends to join, AND still go to sleep peacefully every night, ok. Beware of karma.

    • Thanks for your perspective. I did my due diligence; researching not just the company, I’ve also researched on the respective directors in the company, as well as legislation compliance, prior to taking up this platform as an additional income source.

      Till this day, 8yrs & the company has opened up in 26 countries, numbers going strength to strength.

      Those who saw the potential, signed up, and later quit bcos their friends told them it’s a scam… r the ones that have been scammed by their doubting friends.

      Can anyone categorically say that Harvard, MIT, Cambridge or Oxford aren’t any good? Can we agree that there will be failures & dropouts despite how good the varsity is?

      Just bcos there r jokers that failed miserably, doesn’t mean that the platform isn’t good.

      Those with guilt r those who failed since day 1. Introducing something to a friend is not selling. If the product is not any good, a salesman can talk till his mouth goes dry, nobody would buy.

      Ppl who buy in, r those who saw it with eyes open. They take it up, bcos they see the value in what they buy. Hence, is also their stupidity to allow others to tell them, that what they bought is no good.

      There’s always a cup of tea that suits someone. so if what u see is not for u, it doesn’t mean it’s not for someone else. All the more disqualifies anyone from suggesting that it’s a scam, just bcos its not for them.

      Concerning the Norwegian issue, rest assured that the corporate legal team will be ironing out the creases.

      With regard to darma & karma, I’m fully aware of it. Which is why I’m taking WV as a platform for liberating modern slaves. And I believe kindness begets kindness…

      Although, I’m not sure if the legal team will be in touch with u soon enough, if you would kindly provide contact details.

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  7. Hi there, I have to say that WV has now made its way to Malaysia. I was approached by someone, who I’ve not seen in years, a singaporean friend. Anyways, I flat out said no… and I warned others about it. I travel lots due to work , and he kept saying this would be perfect. I was missing out, that I needed to make up my mind that instant. You have to live outside the box, a nine-five job is terrible. Blah Blah Blah. First and foremost, I love my job, I don’t want a WV job because I have prospects in life that don’t include partying on a beach with 600 people I don’t know waving badly designed blue banners. I brought up that I normally use Agoda to book my hotels, and it’s free. He showed me saved copy of a room rate at the marina bay sands and kept asking me if i could get this room rate on agoda. Well, of course agoda couldn’t match that price, but then again agoda doesn’t require that I introduce 4 friends to use their service for free. I did the Math, and I found it to be seriously lacking, In malaysia we would say – you would probably need to eat ” nasi kangkang” to fall for it. I’m happy that someone like you has taken up cause to rid the world of yet another parasitic company. God bless and Good luck:)

    • Thanks, Anne! 🙂 I’m so glad for people like you who take the time out to tell me I’m doing the right thing, even as WV reps are ‘bombing’ me with their horrid remarks. 🙂

    • No problem, I’m glad that empowered women like yourself that have a platform can encourage and help people who are looking for answers make the informed decisions. It’s important in this day and age that people don’t waste hard earned money on “so called travel” . I also take issue with their marketing ploy, it’s more of a over priced , rip off travel club that uses pyramid marketing to ensnare their victims. Not forgetting the brain washing that ensues. They function like a CULT.

  8. the person that recruited me was the spidy……… when i told her i want to cancel my membership, she just told me to log into my account and change the credit card no. I was surprise because changing credit card no is not cancelling. I took the initiative to email WV directly and cancel the membership. I forgot to ask spidy why is she still doing tuition when she is earning reportedly “20K” PER MONTH………..

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