Dining at Hui Lau Shan, Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru

Sometimes, I wonder what I’ll go back to Hong Kong again for. There’s Tim Ho Wan in Singapore (a couple of outlets in fact!) and Hui Lau Shan is now popping up in JB’s malls! I had dinner at the Hui Lau Shan outlet in Sutera Mall (JB) today. It’s such an irony that Hui Lau Shan is KNOWN for its mango desserts but the quality has gone downhill so much (both in JB and in Hong Kong) that the other food items are taking centrestage! But not everything is yummy…

Hui Lau Shan JB

The dessert: Atrocious. The miserable little cubes of mango were sour, the pudding was unremarkable and the ice cream(?), forgettable.

The mains: Their signature curry rice doesn’t have any meat in the curry. There’s tau pok, and a couple miserable pieces of squid, some fishballs and some melon pieces. And that’s it. The curry also tastes exactly like mee rebus gravy. (@_@)

What I ordered was the braised chicken drumstick. The gravy was a tad salty but otherwise, I loved it! I would order this again!

I guess these mains are only offered in JB. The Hong Kong outlets serve only the desserts. I guess it’s necessary to sell other food items if the quality of their desserts doesn’t pick up. At least Tim Ho Wan serves up really yummy pork buns even in Singapore! 🙂