Drizzle’s Genuine Korean Fashion Accessories – My Top 3 Picks

Drizzle HeaderDrizzle Rocher[It’s not chocolate. It’s a Rocher Ring!]

I got to know about Drizzle when I visited the Mega Flea last year. Drizzle has both an online presence and also display space at places like Peekabox (Bugis+ Level 5) and Toy Outpost (Bugis Junction Level 3).

My top 3 picks from their online store (www.drizzle.com.sg) are the Sweet Rocher Ring (pictured above) and retailing at S$22.90, the Oblivion Cubic Bracelet (S$36.90) and the Steadfast Love Bangle (S$28.90).


The bangle and bracelet are a little big – the bangle even fit my fiance’s wrist! 😀 The ring was a great fit though. I like that all 3 items came securely bubble-wrapped and there were ziplock bags for EACH item (so ideal for storage!). Also, there was a little additional gift – a set of temporary tattoos, also made in Korea. 🙂 A lovely surprise!

The Oblivion Cubic Bracelet would look stunning paired with an evening dress for a date night or wedding dinner, because of how it sparkles. The Steadfast Love Bangle is sweet yet it can be paired with casual street wear to show character.

I like shopping with the assurance that all accessories are from Korea without any coming from other countries (*ahem* China). They are all handpicked by the folks from Drizzle and are available only in small batches, so it’s unlikely that you’ll spot someone else with the exact same item. It is no surprise that Drizzle appeals to many young working adults who seek quality and original products.

When selecting accessories, I choose those which inspire creativity, such as with the Rocher Ring, which does not have any particular shape – it’s just so unique. Also, I look out for those who bring out the feminine side in me, like with the Oblivion Cubic Bracelet (so princess-y!) because I naturally tend to gravitate towards chunkier accessories like the bangle. 😀 What’s your ‘style’ when accessorizing?

Need new accessories for your Valentines’ Day date? 🙂


Shop at Drizzle:

*Enter coupon code ‘GraceOnly‘ during checkout, with a minimum purchase of S$30, and get 10% off your total bill! (Promotion ends 30th June 2014).