SHIPPON: Self-watering Wild Strawberry Plant

Video of how to get started:

I’ve blogged about the Pet Bottle Water Culture – Green Pet. Click here to read the blogpost. The cherry tomato plant is growing really well, but the wild strawberry one just doesn’t seem to sprout. Perhaps it is due to Singapore’s weather. *Given up* 😛

Hoping for homegrown cherry tomatoes soon!

Pet Bottle Water Culture Green Pet


6 thoughts on “SHIPPON: Self-watering Wild Strawberry Plant

  1. My cherry tomato plant dies fast after sprouting. The leaves turned black and stems becomes limpy. Any idea why? Weather too hot due to haze?

    • Hi Brenda,

      Yeah, it could be due to the weather (too hot) or bacterial rot. Usually, when stems are limp, it could be due to lack of water, like on a really hot day. My plants usually revive after I water them.

      But blackened leaves are irreversible, unfortunately.

  2. Hi Grace.. thank you for your reply.. information on this pet bottle thingy is too limited..i think so far you posted this.. my plant is so poor thing.. i am not sure about bacteria but i think weather too hot cuz the water is always full and i fertilised it after they sprouted..
    My parsley also no sound no picture… feeling dejected**…

    Hope you have wonderful tomatoes already… if so, please share? ^^

    • Hi Brenda,

      Nope, unfortunately. I was able to get the plants to grow and grow till they were ‘overflowing’ all over my window ledge. But they just refused to bear fruit. I guess it takes a special kind of climate. Doesn’t quite work in Singapore. Probably in Japan.

      You might want to buy seeds and all from local sources, and try again. Probably this species in the self-watering series is not accustomed to our climate.

  3. Hi Grace
    ok you mean i can re-use this pet bottle? haha.. Everday i am like pulling the blackened “bodies” out of that spongy thingy.

    And yes I do intend to buy new seeds to grow again..

    Thank you!

    • Hi Brenda,

      It would be quite troublesome to replace the sponge and all just to reuse this bottle. 🙂 I’d just get an entirely new set.

      My problem with this bottle is that once the plant grows to a certain height, and the water runs out on a really hot day, the whole bottle topples over. 😦

      I’d say just get an actual pot, with soil and all, that is suitable for this climate. 😀

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