Battling The Post-CNY Bulge: 7 Ways To Shape Up After Chinese New Year

[Grace: This is a guest post by Raphael Lim, my personal trainer from Quantum Fitness. I asked him for tips on how to battle the post-CNY bulge – yup, I HAVE put on weight, no denying that. If you have a couple of inches you want to be rid of too, Raphael’s the guy to get some advice from!]

Raphael Lim 8 Days Quantum Fitness

Raphael is featured in the latest issue of 8Days magazine!

It’s Friday… and the end of the Lunar New Year. Copious amounts of eating and drinking – most of us are guilty of it during the CNY period, right? So, if misery loves company…we’ve got plenty!!!

Then reality hits and we have all gained a pound or two, maybe more, and it is time to get back on track not just metaphorically but literally!

So here are 7 quick tips on getting back in shape (or better)!

1) [A not-so-mainstream tip] Pick up where you left off. If you can, stay in generally decent if not good shape throughout the year. Doing so will allow you to quickly get back in shape despite the binge eating during festive periods. In fact, sometimes when you binge during such periods, you get leaner!

Anyway, if you fall under this category, you probably have a routine all planned out, so you just need to pick up the pieces from where you last left off.

For the general population of busy sedentary folks…

2) Choose anaerobic exercises over aerobic exercise. An example would be sprints versus long distance running. Interval training over long slow distance training.

For these 2 mentioned points you can achieve a solid workout from 20 minutes instead of an hour on the treadmill or outdoor run, more bang for the buck and MUCH better results. Just like not all calories are equal, not all exercises are equal and longer does not mean better ya, ladies? Time to stop running like a lab rat! [Grace: he’s referring to me, I think (@_@)]

3) Strength Train – Increased lean tissue leads to increased metabolism which means we are more efficient at expending calories. (For the ladies, no worries no shape shifting into She Hulk from some weights. Lifting a dumb bell will not lead to ridiculous increased muscle growth as you gals think. If it does, then all of us will have legs the size of tree trunks considering the fact that we walk on our legs which carries more than what one dumb bell weighs, so lift away please!)

4) No Crash diets – That just kills your metabolism and messes up your hormones. Oh, did I mention one will end up fatter after too?

5) Minimize sugar intake – Need I say more?

6) Make time for your body/exercise routine. It is the only body you have got and it is not replaceable!!!

7) Maintain a sensible eating habit, drink plenty of water and move/exercise regularly. When you can do that, it brings you back to the AWESOME tip at the top.

Have fun, stay safe and keep on the move!

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[Grace: Thanks, Raphael! All great tips which I have come to experience myself. Lifting weights, especially, does not give me Hulk-size muscles. In fact, I struggle to get barely-visible muscles. It’s tougher for ladies, apparently ‘cos this requires testosterone, which we have too little of. Gotta keep going! 

If you decide to adopt any of the tips above and it works for you, write to me! I’ll be happy to celebrate your success with you! :)]

*Have a question for Raphael? You can reach him at raphael [at] quantum-fitness [dot] sg. 🙂

You have indulged. Now shape up! 😀