Hong Kong Tim Ho Wan at IFC Mall: How To Get A Takeaway & Where To Sit After

What’s a trip to Hong Kong without a visit to the famed dimsum eatery, Tim Ho Wan? I’d read online that the outlet at IFC Mall would have shorter queues so we made our way there for dinner but as luck would have it, there was a crowd right outside the store, so we decided that a takeaway would be more suitable.

Just grab an order sheet and a pencil:

Tim Ho Wan IFC Mall

Make payment and wait for your turn:

Tim Ho Wan IFC Mall

What we ordered:

Tim Ho Wan IFC Mall

I have no complaints about the quality of the food. The pork buns were super yummy, the rice was great, and the steamed cake was a lovely not-too-sweet treat!

But MOST people who get takeaways after being intimidated by the long queues for dining in-store will face the problem of having nowhere to sit to eat their meal. There are no benches outside the shop.

So we headed up to IFC Mall. I believed that within such a huge mall must surely be at least one bench for shoppers! And we did find one…

On level 3. With a great view to boot!

Tim Ho Wan IFC Mall

So now you know 😉


Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station, Podium Level 1, IFC Mall

Mon to Sun 9am to 9pm