Billionaire Jack Ma On Success In Life And Business

[The following is a summary (of sorts) of what I’d read here. I’ve included only those points which resonated with me.]

Your attitude is more important than your aptitude.

Unite the company with a common goal, not around a particular person.

The employee should have superior technical skills while the employer should be a visionary, have tenacity and a greater ability to accept and embrace failure.

Do not be involved in politics if you are running a business.

Giving up is the greatest failure.

We are born not to work our entire life, but to enjoy life. Don’t spend your whole life working.

A real businessman or entrepreneur has no enemies.

Successful people are not whiners, and they do not complain often either.

The world will not remember what you say, but it will certainly not forget what you have done.

The opportunities that everyone cannot see, are the real opportunities.

Start a company with the right people – those with complementary skills.

Even if your competitor is weak, take him seriously. Even if your competitor is massive, don’t regard yourself as a weakling.

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