“Quit your job! Earn over $200 per month with World Ventures!”

Here’s a comment left by *yawn* another World Ventures rep called Shierley on my World Ventures blogpost. Most of the comments I receive from reps are downright nasty but this one seems ‘mild’ so I am reproducing it here. Be warned, it’s lengthy…

I read all what u say about WV good and bad experience. I joined WV now almost 1 year. And i said it has been a great year for me. Well for me, WV not only give me income, but also family and friends internationally. I used to work in one of world IT company. I quit my job because i didnt have any more passion towards it and to chase my dream, to have my own business, especially when u already have kids, so u will prefer to have a more flexible hours works.

I never imagine to be in this MLM business, but WV was introduced to me at the right time, where i was looking for business. I have a traditional shop, which it cost me lots for a business. So at that time, sure why not give it a try for a 360$ business. During my membership till now, i do earn income, and i do earn the passive income already. I dont always get cycle, but i do keep getting that residual. So for me, for a business that cost 360$ but can give me more than 200$ every month, wouldnt it be worthed.

For those of you who doesnt want to be part of WV, i just think that its fine. Because the business or the club is just no for everybody.
Its the same thing like you were offered a fitness membership, maybe for you, you see that you will enjoy and use the facilities, but for others, maybe they prefer something else.

Or same way like u open a restaurant. Maybe for others, they will like it, but for me, i dont enjoy it. If it doesnt suit you, doesnt mean the restaurant is a scam right?

I did search after i joined, and found about the WV scam n everything, i freaks me, but i didnt stop. And later i found out that it was a lie. It’s the same thing like every body who maybe think the product doesnt suit them, and they complain.

I wasn’t a traveller, but ever since i joined WV, every month i travel. And what i can say, i have a great experience, not just for travelling, but i get many experience of dealing with people. Because its really different when u working together in this business, then u working with your colleague. In here all of us are biz partner, so u cant control them. in that way u’ll learn how to manage team, and u’ll learn many character of people. Some of my friends joined, and later on they resigned, but that doesnt mean they didnt become my friends. I think it just how we treat people.

I have simple rules in my life. Just think positive no matter what happens. It doesnt mean, WV will be my final biz but i just take the + and make as a good experience, no matter what the result is.

One thing i see that WV gives opportunities for those who in needs.
Let make an example, if i want to open a restaurant, how much money would i need to invest? Millions of dollars right? but WV only 360$, and it just how u want to make it work.

So its really up to u if the 360 u pay , to become how much money u wish to have, or just become expenses that u have to pay every single month.

Even in every business, u have to pay monthly cost (electricity, water, employee). Let say u own a restaurant, and in the first -two months u havent reach the target of income u wish, will u close your restaurant?
So back again, i think it simple how people see it. If they see this an opportunity, then just take it, but if dont just dont be someone dream stealer. Life is like flipping coins. its always a probability”

~ And here’s my take ~

*Note: Perhaps English is not Shierley’s first language, so I shall not comment on her writing style.

Shierley, you quit your job for WV which gives you “more than 200$ every month”?! Sorry, this sounds rather ridiculous to me. Most people won’t be able to survive on $200/month. And you have already been a rep for a year so I have to say that WV is DEFINITELY NOT FOR EVERYBODY! Who is it for? I’ll let my readers decide for themselves.

Why compare WV with a restaurant and fitness club? Are you sure you are a business owner? If a restaurant asks you to pay a membership fee to dine there unless you bring 4 friends who pay them a membership fee, will you still dine there? Oh yeah, maybe YOU would.

Do you mean to say that you have kids and yet you travel every month? Wow. You can’t be a really dedicated parent then, if all you want is to abandon your kids for travel. But I know it doesn’t make sense to be a WV member unless you want to travel frequently. Point taken.

About this “Dream Stealer” title I have been presented by many WV reps… here’s what I have to say: Thank you.

I do not think I have the power to steal dreams. If you think someone with a dream can be stopped by a blogpost, you are very much mistaken. If someone is about to be misled into WV by a “friend”, and needs an opinion from me / my blog, then yes, sorry, I have stolen the dreams of WV reps who want to ‘make it big’ and ‘earn big bucks’ from recruiting people into WV. 


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  2. Thank you. You are a brave lady. I also put my presentation against World Ventures in Korean language on Youtube and there have been lots of angry comments from WV reps. Interestingly, WV hasn’t been opened in Korea but many people joined and some claimed that they achieved high ranks and earned lots of money. The company should know about this but it blindly promotes the illegal business practice in a country where it hasn’t opened yet. This makes me conclude that this company is unethical.

  3. brilliant blog! I was approached by a stranger (that’s how i would call her as I never noticed this woman ever before, even though she claimed her son was in the same Chinese class as my own) two days ago. I live in Dublin, Ireland. before she started to peck at me over joining the WV, I have actually never heard about it. I went to university in this country so i would know lots of Irish people, yet none of them are involved in this ‘business’. The minute I saw her posts on wechat I realised that it’s a pyramid scheme, it has all the ingredients of it. You need to pay fees to join and you get paid only if you recruit other people. I was invited to a tea party last year, a similar one where they give presentations and demonstrate their products, and most of all, present their testimonials. I was almost lured in, they asked me to secure the position there and then, to be honest it sounded great. I went home, got really excited and told my husband that was something I was going to do as I just left college and had no job, no income. It sounded amazing just to throw parties and make hundreds. Anyway, my dear husband turned red upon hearing the news (he’s Irish, far more sensible than me). He then went online googled the company found no information on the products and then researched about the Pyramid Scheme, I had never heard about it before back then. And that was my last dealing with the MLM or The Pyramid Scheme, I had told myself because I don’t have a strong personality and can be persuaded into things easily, just hold back any time anyone ask me to sign in to anything. And I did this time, I told her it’s not for me, I’m not a sales person and I don’t have many contacts which would enable me to make thousands. Hubby was very proud of me when I told him how I dealt with it. Sorry for the rather lengthy post. I just want to share my experience, so more people like me would not be lured into this scam and expose themselves to the prey of those vultures. As once you are in, you’ll try all your best to get someone else in regardless of whether you think it’s right or wrong. Let’s face it, most of us are selfish and are only concerned about our own wellbeing. I have two young kids, if I had joined it, I would be spending the money my husband hard earned to sustain the whole family to help someone else make money. I’m not a good sales person at all, so my future as a WV rep is foreseeable. Measure twice, cut once. You’ll never regret it! I’m glad I came across this though, now i’m meeting this stranger on Saturday I’ll give her a piece of my mind and some research info I gathered here if she dared to persuade me into it.

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