Entrance To Amoy Hotel: The Fuk Tak Chi Museum

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This isn’t your usual hotel entrance, is it?

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

It is the entrance to the Fuk Tak Chi Museum, and the entrance to Amoy Hotel which is located behind the museum! 😀 Hotel guests are definitely in for a treat. I suppose some may even be unable to locate the hotel because the museum hides it from view, and the address is high up in a little corner:

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

The Fuk Tak Chi Museum was officially opened on 19 November 1998, in this location rich in culture and heritage.

The hotel also provides a free guided tour of the museum – so approach the staff for a tour. The museum is rather small but I like the little pieces of history preserved here – from the historical architecture to the old photographs printed onto cushion covers:

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

There is a sizeable mock-up of what Singapore looked like in the past, with coolies and all:

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Spotted on a plaque outside: “Fuk Tak Chi: One of the first Chinese temples in Singapore, it had its beginnings here as a small shrine set up by Hakka and Cantonese immigrants in 1824. As its importance grew, it also functioned as an association that looked after the interests of the two dialect groups. The patron deity is the Earth God or Dai Bak Gong (in Cantonese) – a popular deity with the Chinese here.”

We definitely enjoyed the museum visit! 🙂

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Essential Information:

Open 10am to 10pm daily

FREE admission

[Spotted within the museum] Drop A Coin and Make A Wish:

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Drop a coin in and make a wish! All the coins will be collected and donated to charity, and your wish may just come true! 🙂

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