Viva La Papa: All Natural Potato Chips From Peru

I LOVE potato chips in interesting flavors. I love them even more if they are ‘healthier’ than regular chips. Viva La Papa chips have no trans fat [though this by no means indicates that they are fat-free! There’s still fat… and saturated fat! Eat in moderation!]

Viva La Papa Potato Chips

The first flavor I tried – because the pack is a small one and looked a little deflated – was the Anticucho BBQ Potato Chips. *Apparently, Anticucho is Peruvian for BBQ

I like that there’s “no GMO” and “no trans fat“.

Viva La Papa Potato Chips

Taste: Initially, I was pretty impressed by how little grease there was. If not for the robust flavoring, I would have thought I was eating cardboard. It may sound strange but I did enjoy eating the chips in that little pack! I would rate this flavor 6/10.

The second pack I tried was also one of the smaller bags: Andean Pink Salt Potato Chips.

I liked that the kettle chips are largely not too salty, though it does get saltier the closer you get to the bottom of the bag. I would rate this 7/10.

My favs of the lot would have to be the Exotic Sweet Potato Chips and the Chillies & Lime Potato Chips, which I would rate 8/10. I have trouble putting these down and not devouring the entire bag at one sitting. I find those chips strangely satisfying, even though they are supposedly healthier for consumption versus regular chips.

Where To Buy These Chips:

Real Food Grocer, SPRMRKT, The American Club, Swiss Butchery