I Saved One Person From World Ventures!

Woke up to a comment on my World Ventures blogpost from someone named Arjay, who thanked me for my work against World Ventures:

World Ventures

In case the screenshot isn’t clear:

“Hi Grace!

Glad to read your post before I reveal them my credit card number! In fact I just came back from their huge seminar at Chinatown area where the founder and co-founders were there too!

Initially I have no idea what this is about as my friend keep saying it is a great “investment” you should look into it without telling more about it; I guess he wants more people to convince me?

As what Dan said in previous comment, they showed you all the videos and examples and the atmosphere was great! I almost got brainwashed to sign up immediately as they suggested to “lock” your position ASAP so you would not be at the base of pyramid.

My instinct tell me to think twice when I filled up the credit card information so I decided to hold this back at the very last second!

Now….after google and read all your posts and comments in the blogs abt WV, I just glad I DID NOT complete the form, and I know I can go to bed now without any regrets.


P/S: Keep up your good work! Even though if its only you against the WV world, you saved another person’s $361!”

~ My Reply To Arjay ~

You are most welcome! 😀 I’m delighted that my efforts are appreciated.

As mentioned:

1) A lot of vague FLUFF – “my friend keep saying it is a great investment”. I actually saw a recruitment message posted on an Internet Marketers’ facebook group recently, with vague hints about travel and making money, and to respond only if one is above a certain age and has a credit card. WHY these reps do not just state outright, and UPFRONT, that it is about WV, gets my guard up all the time. Are they ashamed of the company? Just state where you are from, is that so difficult?!

2) Seminars designed to get people to sign up – “I almost got brainwashed to sign up immediately”. Do not EVER sign up for anything on the spot. Give yourself some space and time, take a step back, think about it when you are home, sleep on it, and when you wake up and still think it is a great idea, then go for it. Do not sign up on the spot.

3) Some reps instill fear in people – “lock your position ASAP so you would not be at the base of the pyramid”. Ha! Got you guys! We should be joining WV because we think the company is awesome, NOT BECAUSE we are afraid of being at the bottom of the pyramid.

It’s like saying “Come, you have to buy tickets to this movie NOW if not you will get the very first row of seats and you won’t like it”… But hang on a minute, I don’t even want to watch this movie! Do you get it now, folks?


It has been a real struggle for me combating WV. It really is just me against the “WV world” as Arjay mentioned. In fact, do a Google search and you’ll find that another blogger who blogged against WV got spammed with so many hateful comments from WV reps that she just disallowed further comments, simply because they were not constructive, and just either personal attacks or just wanting to tear her down.

I don’t disallow comments. In fact, I reply to most of them. I blog about them.

To my blog readers: Make wise decisions. Never let any company corner you, instill fear in you, and make you sign up for something you might regret.


7 thoughts on “I Saved One Person From World Ventures!

  1. Well done Arjay, you did the right thing for sure. I was approached by someone at the very top of the UK arm of WV. He’s been a personal friend for many years and has been involved a few of the biggest MLM businesses over last 10 years or so. I dabbled in a couple of these but got nowhere, mainly because I am not the type of person who can be ruthless enough and dedicated enough to do this MLM thing. Don’t get me wrong it can work for some people but the some is a very few, so the average man or woman will NOT change their lives for the better and may end up damaging personal friendships and family ties. Keep up the good work Grace.

  2. wow!! totally true!! i feel so free after leaving those people… I have never regretted leaving it and that’s the greatest correction that i have done…

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  4. I am thankful that this post has been made, i kind of wondered why this post isnt made any earlier! (haha!)

    Just sharing my 1-cent point of view about this WV thing.
    i was at my most desperate moment to have a change of work environment, even resorting to look for part-time/ temp jobs on FB and came across an attractive job offer which offers travels, freedom, flexibility and earning money while having that. i contacted the person who posted this job offer and arranged for an ‘interview’

    When i reached the meeting place, i had skeptical thoughts about the whole thing as there were other people who were not involved in the ‘interview’, present. it turned out that they were the ones who will be presenting this idea to me. They shared their testimonies how WV shaped their lives and how they became more optimistic and happier because of this. They shared with me a video on gumballs representing the different industries- health, finance(?), travel. i pretended that i understood so as to prevent from giving myself away that i was dumb because they were all so hyped up and understood everything that was on the video. i was shown videos of Dreamtrips in US and Asia, i was amazed by the places they have visited and i have always wanted to go for an adventure. Seeing my amazed expression, they seemed pleased that i was buying into it.

    We shared about our personal dreams and i shared with them about my dreams and somehow that was the response that they wanted out of me – To be free from the mundane routine of 9-6 job, able to travel, work hard and earn money enough to retire the whole family and most of all, i can make my dreams come true.

    (To share a little bit on my personality so others may be able to relate to me. I don’t think i am a gullible person but i am someone who is easily influenced and swayed based on empathy. Because we are on the same boat, we can motivate each other to work towards our dreams. And the thought of providing a better future for my parents trigger the filial piety button in me.)

    Because i felt bad that they had to take up so much time on me, say about 3 hours, i felt compelled to sign it up, though i felt impulsive and had a hunch that i would have regrets, i signed up immediately because of the hopes and dreams that WV can be a platform for me to realize them all.

    When i got back home, I logged onto my FB and scroll down the list of friends i have so i could ‘target’ and even contacted friends whom i have not spoken to for a couple of years. at the moment, i was appalled at my actions and then, i regretted my decision badly. i tried cancelling my transaction the next morning but the transaction was already done. i was in a panic, so i contacted the people and seek for their advice. thankfully they were nice people and blurted out that a refund can be made within 14 days(?) but as a kiasu person i wanted it to be done as soon as possible on one condition-to attend a seminar. During the seminar, many like-minded people came and boost up the positive atmosphere and once again i was influenced back to the game. but a part of me was determined not to break any friendships-i have managed to get out of the whole thing at the end of the day.

    This whole whirlwind incident was the most thrilling 5-days experience for me.
    i feel that even if The whole world will laugh at my stupidity for never to taste the sweet grapes but at the end of the day, i will rejoice in my happiness with friends and family by my side.

    p.s sorry for the long read. Cheers!

    • Thanks for sharing! I agree with you – better to have friends and family by your side than to be alienated by them because you ‘targeted’ them to join WV. Glad you did the right thing. 🙂

    • Haiyehhh!! It’s fine… i was once like you too, u took 5 days, i took almost 3 weeks to admit my own stupidity and decided to get out! Dude, ur luckier, i wasn’t told anything about refunding in 14 days… so bye2 money…

  5. Hi Grace….nice reading all your blog posts about WV.

    I’m from Indonesia and yesterday, I was ‘in a way’ asked to join the blue-banner gang during a catch-up meeting with few old friends (I just came back from a 9-month work assignment in another country).

    I didn’t know all of them have joined WV and even one of them is a Director (don’t know if this level is high enough). Our conversation actually started quite well with catching-up session but suddenly one of them started to talk about the possibility of career change, time-freedom and financial freedom which I think you have been too bored hearing those three words from the blue banner gang.

    Fortunately for me, I had experience joining another scheme which was good but made me realized that this was not for me as I don’t really like begging people to join this kind of scheme.

    I was actually enticed about the possibility of travelling around the world (although without carrying blue banner and showing it in my fb profile picture) and my late night googling brought me to this blog and my decision is final now….no WV for me….

    So, thank you so much for helping me decide…..


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