Threatened By A World Ventures Rep!

[Further comments on this blogpost by a certain WV rep, Alvin Tan, will not be allowed. Any further comments by this individual, believed to be of unsound mind, will be referred to the police.]

I know that my blogposts get some World Ventures reps really PISSED. Here’s one rep named Alvin, who commented on my ‘World Ventures: EPIC FAIL‘ blogpost:

*The Norway incident mentioned is regarding THIS – about World Ventures being closed down in Norway as a “pyramid game”

World Ventures


“Thanks for your perspective. I did my due diligence; researching not just the company, I’ve also researched on the respective directors in the company, as well as legislation compliance, prior to taking up this platform as an additional income source.

Till this day, 8yrs & the company has opened up in 26 countries, numbers going strength to strength.

Those who saw the potential, signed up, and later quit bcos their friends told them it’s a scam… r the ones that have been scammed by their doubting friends.

Can anyone categorically say that Harvard, MIT, Cambridge or Oxford aren’t any good? Can we agree that there will be failures & dropouts despite how good the varsity is?

Just bcos there r jokers that failed miserably, doesn’t mean that the platform isn’t good.

Those with guilt r those who failed since day 1. Introducing something to a friend is not selling. If the product is not any good, a salesman can talk till his mouth goes dry, nobody would buy.

Ppl who buy in, r those who saw it with eyes open. They take it up, bcos they see the value in what they buy. Hence, is also their stupidity to allow others to tell them, that what they bought is no good.

There’s always a cup of tea that suits someone. so if what u see is not for u, it doesn’t mean it’s not for someone else. All the more disqualifies anyone from suggesting that it’s a scam, just bcos its not for them.

Concerning the Norwegian issue, rest assured that the corporate legal team will be ironing out the creases.

With regard to darma & karma, I’m fully aware of it. Which is why I’m taking WV as a platform for liberating modern slaves. And I believe kindness begets kindness…

Although, I’m not sure if the legal team will be in touch with u soon enough, if you would kindly provide contact details.”

My Response:

A company, regardless of its size, can still scam people. Often, the most shocking scams are those which involve huge companies and large sums of money, triggering questions of why it was not uncovered earlier since it was so huge. But it is PRECISELY because of its size that people assume it is legit.

If they had signed up and realized it is awesome and NOT a scam, why would they quit? Hello?

The last I checked, WV is NOT a university so why the comparison? I have already said that yes, there will be some who do amazingly well in WV and there will be dropouts, of course. But I don’t want to be the stepping stone for the “high fliers” and “success stories” in WV, nor make my friends my stepping stones. 

“Introducing something to a friend is not selling”?!  So it is just flaunting your dreamtrips and nothing else? If you “introduce” something to your friend with the INTENTION of making the person sign up, it is SELLING. Of course, wv reps who trick people into attending seminars to “make passive income” or “travel the world and make money doing so”, etc, are “not selling”, they are just tricking people eh? Those who pester their friends to sign up even when the friend already said no, are not selling eh? That is simply harrassment? And those who keep spamming pictures of them waving blue banners on fb are not selling… just being a nuisance and asking to be ‘unfriended’, right? Ok, got it.

Hahaha don’t say it like you are the head of the legal team. 

Yes yes, I am quite sure WV has taught you that you are “liberating modern slaves”. Read some of the comments on my other posts. Such as this woman who quit her job for WV and makes 200 dollars a month though she has already been in wv for a year. If this is the kind of liberation, I believe we would rather be corporate slaves, thank you very much!


I’m very glad to note that former members of World Ventures are actually offering their take on why they left and who is suited to WV.

Here’s a comment from Elaine:

World Ventures


“I was with WV for a year before I finally decided to leave. The WV business not only requires great amounts of time and effort investment, but is only suitable for a very select section of the workforce, i.e. those who can simply jet off at anytime to enjoy a holiday. For those like me who have school-going kids, it is seriously not a business model that works. Since I am neither an aggressive SR nor have I had any success garnering a cheaper holiday deal by booking through WV, getting out was the best business decision I made. Grace is right. There are many, many good travel deals out that on the internet that do not require a monthly membership and allow us the flexibility to determine our travel arrangements.”

And one from Beth:

World Ventures


“wow!! totally true!! i feel so free after leaving those people… I have never regretted leaving it and that’s the greatest correction that i have done…”


There are many more similar comments on my various blogposts about World Ventures, so feel free to browse:

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“Quit Your Job! Earn Over $200 Per Month With World Ventures”

I Saved One Person From World Ventures

Oh wow! That’s a lot of blogposts! I must have gotten carried away. No wonder Alvin got pissed off. 😀

~ Update ~

I have already mentioned in my comment to Alvin that “*Please note that responding to your comments is a waste of my time. If you have nothing constructive to say, or which makes sense, this shall be your final published comment.”

Apparently, when I went off to the gym and left his lousy comment in moderation, he had a party on Facebook celebrating what he thought was a win on his part. LOL

Alvin Tan World Ventures

*He obviously could not understand my comment, written in good English, and thinks his one minute of fame is in actual fact, one hour or one full day?!

Alvin, in case you think I am SO FREE as to stalk you on Facebook, nope. Someone ratted on you and sent me your facebook link. Go figure.

Glad you tagged Dyna and Jeremiah too. Have always wanted to know who that lady is since she teaches reps to be spiders and all, and a guy wearing eyeliner? Wow. Uber credible. I rest my case.

Final Update:

I have been stalked relentlessly by this Alvin Tan. If you come across this individual, please be warned. 

(1) He has made himself known on my Facebook page and tries to engage me in a war of words, pretend he doesn’t understand English and that his threat was never published.

Alvin Tan World Ventures

I have since banned him from my page.

(2) If I engage in a conversation with him, he taunts me with “Lol. I thought u said your time is too precious to engage with me?”

Alvin Tan World Ventures

If I ignore his comment because (a) he posted his comment while I was ASLEEP, (b) I actually have work to do, unlike him, (c) this is my blog and I think his comment is stupid, he questions me with a further comment on “what’s taking so long for approval on [his] responses”.

Alvin Tan World Ventures

This individual, Mr Alvin Tan, a representative of World Ventures, is being intentionally antagonistic, and a plain nuisance. All the evidence above is being collated for a police report, and likely, his subsequent referral to a mental health institute for a mental health check.


34 thoughts on “Threatened By A World Ventures Rep!

  1. Let’s set perspectives straight. When a person sees the product, they already wanted it. People are welcome to take up the membership, and not forced to take up the business portion.

    Some ppl take issue with “refer 4 pay no more”. But let’s not forget that from the onset, ppl r aware that membership of any sort under the sun, will require monthly subscriptions.

    And at the back of their mind, they have the 1st intent to go on a frenzy to force it down the throats of 4 friends, so that their monthly fees can quickly be waived.

    From a business perspective, we r looking for ppl who r keen on building the business. And where business is concerned, I wonder which joker is so naive to think that he/she should not pay monthly operating fees. It is the selfishness of individuals that r so desperate to insist that their friends MUST sign up, so that their monthly fees can be waived.

    Therefore, this is why its given the business a bad name.

    Given how little negativity there r expressed by failures, I’ve yet to draw any connection between their allegations & the company.

    The biggest question is, did the company con them, or did their own selfish intent con themselves?

    • Alvin, the only reason I am publishing this second comment of yours is because I know some people will be flabbergasted and others will have a very good laugh.

      Here’s my response to you:

      “When a person sees the product, they already wanted it” – That does NOT make sense. Come, see with your own eyes, this discarded piece of cardboard. Ahh there, I know you want it because you have seen it. Does this make sense to you?

      WV reps paint a beautiful picture of what one can enjoy with a membership, thus luring their friends to join. There is a difference between me spotting something in a store and deciding I want to buy it versus a friend trying to create a ‘need’ which requires that I purchase that item now. But you know all about selling, so you know that already, right? 😉

      That’s the whole reason why WV is nasty (not even saying it’s a scam right now, just extremely nasty business practice). WV preys on basic human greed. Oohh, just refer 4 people and I can escape from paying fees. This is the REASON why reps “force it down the throats” of their friends, AND is also the reason why WV is so huge. DO YOU GET IT NOW? WV is huge not because it is an awesome company that everyone joins voluntarily, it is because of this 1-gets-4 technique that makes the company grow so large and so quickly. And it HAS TO STOP!

      I bet you are all about negativity. Those reps I mentioned are just so RELIEVED that they got out of WV that they want to share how HAPPY they feel. This is not about negativity anymore. Yes, there are some negative ones who rant and rave about how they can’t get their fees back – I don’t think they will. Since you like analogies, how about this: You are a mine worker. And the mine you are in collapses. After being trapped for 3 days, you are finally rescued. As you step into glorious sunshine, what do you say? “Omg, I’m so happy to be out finally!” (positive) or “Damn you, mine! How dare you collapse on me?!” (negative)?? Go figure.

      EVERYONE got conned here. You. The people you recruited. As well as all the other recruits. Who are the real winners? The founders of WV. I dare you to prove me wrong.

      *Please note that responding to your comments is a waste of my time. If you have nothing constructive to say, or which makes sense, this shall be your final published comment.

    • (following analogy for illustration purpose only)

      April, May, June & Augustine saw Bob post on social media, that he’s enjoying his hot cup of black coffee at a coffee joint, he extended open invite to anyone who wants to have coffee with him “I’m having my hot cuppa joe at ___, who wants coffee?”

      They caught up with Bob for coffee at the specific coffee joint. They asked Bob if the coffee is any good, Bob describes how good it tastes with 2 cubes of sugar… and explains he could collect stamps for every purchase, in order to redeem a free cup on collecting enough stamps. They all ordered the same coffee, but each requested for their own stamp collection card, because they wanted to redeem their coffee some day too.

      April put in 3 cubes of sugar, stirred it, took a sip & cringed. “Yuck! this coffee is too damn sweet! Damn it!”

      May put in 1 cube of sugar, didn’t stir, took a sip & cringed. “Yuck! this coffee is too damn bitter! Damn it!”

      June put in 2 cubes of sugar, stirred it well, took a BIG GULP & got scalds her tongue “Damn it! why didn’t anyone tell me its hot!”

      Augustine put in 2 cubes of sugar, stirred it well, took a slow sip & goes “arrrgh! this coffee is damn good!”

      He did the same thing as Bob, extended invitation to his friends for coffee, but his other friends weren’t coffee drinkers. Augustine turns to Bob “Damn it! nobody drinks coffee! I can’t collect stamps, I can’t get my free coffee! This is a scam!”

      After the episode, April, May, June & Augustine swore never to drink at the coffee joint again, and they conclude Bob lied to them.

      Question 1: Did Bob/ the coffee joint insist that his firends MUST join him for coffee?
      Question 2: Is Bob/ the coffee joint responsible for how sweet the coffee should be for April, May, June & Augustine?
      Question 3: Is Bob/ the coffee joint responsible for how fast or slow they are obligated to collect stamps?

      Its obvious that the coffee joint welcomes higher traffic, throws in some incentives for increased patronage and/or referrals.

      If the analogy can’t make any sense to u, nothing will. Period.

    • This analogy sucks. Who would head down to a coffee joint immediately after spotting a picture of their friend there on social media? People who have too much time on their hands and nothing to do. The same people who join WV.

      *Here’s something you need to know about analogies: They should be realistic.

      Thing is… this “coffee joint” never did ask them to pay in order to get a stamp collection card, right? WV does.

      If your lousy analogy makes any sense to you, er… good for you?

    • thanks for your correspondence. i believe readers can see for themselves, your level of maturity on the given matter, or any other topic, for any matter.

      i wish u the best in your endeavor making a living conjuring opinions. cheers!

    • Wow. Your level of maturity is rock bottom. Saw your little party on Facebook, and added a screenshot to this post. 😀

      I wish you all the best in your endeavor of making a living by conning other people. Karma be with you.

  2. I signed up due to impulse purchase (at seminar-china town) but I went bk to tell my frd that I need to consider the next day as everything happen too fast. She didn’t tell me about the 5 days cooling period until I found out from her thru SMS on the 3rd day as I kept pressing her about the cancellation. My husband even went thru the hassle of calling up bank (2nd day) to help us stop the transaction, but was told they can’t do anything as the transaction had been confirm by merchant. One of our common frd who sign up with her was not aware about the cooling period too, she is now still paying for her monthly sub of S$60+/US$40+. Maybe they should be more transparent about the cooling period as this is a policy given by law to protect consumers, insurance company also state clearly in the fine prints of 14 days cooling period if consumer change their mind even on the smallest policy (eg. accident plan). After signing up with WV they didn’t give me any brochure, contract, no black and white.. which I felt unsafe, what I am paying for (only U-tube videos and a “you should be here” banner?!?!). maybe WV should start printing something or at least email a write out agreement?

    It actually took me abt 3 days to think and finally decide, frankly I do not want to miss out the big money making opportunity that my frd described but I also do not wish to ask my frds to sign up anything unless I knw it is really good and benefits them. The last thing I want is to jeopardizes my friendship. The signing up is easy with an Ipad and your credit card, but why CC not monthly giro deduction? To terminate a CC transaction is not as easy as Giro, ended I will be paying the MS as my bank will be charging it automatically every month to my CC of about $60 x 12m = $720 (BKK trip for 2 inclusive of air tix). Unless you are using a Debit CC which one of my another frd did, but she find it ridiculous that she have to withdraw all her $ out from her bank acc in order to prevent them from deducting the MS. Eventually, she told our frd that she decided to stop WV and was hardsell again – pull to seminars, listen to pioneers pitching and etc. Which she feels that it is easy to get in but hard to get out. In total about 4 frds stuck and still paying the MS, few of us out but the friendship with the one who introduce WV to us had sore.

    When you sees all the banner up in FB, it create curiosity which is a good marketing strategy. All the parties, fun, holidays and etc really attract many ppl esp young ppl. They are selling holidays, but you have to logged into their award winning system(ROVIA) / Dreamtrip to take a look first before signing, else how you kn what you are buying.. The holiday to Asia are minimum places like KL, thailand (pattaya/ CM/ phuket), Cambodia, Vietnam, once a while Japan, no Korea(but they will tell you not yt), didn’t see Taiwan/hk. These Asia country I can easily book thru online with good offers with just a few comparison. as for air tix I can book budget airline during promotions as and wen i have the time to go. A lot of USA, some Europe and Africa. But will you travel a 16hrs flight for a 4 day luxury stay in one of e states in US and after maybe plan to take a domestic flight to Alaska for another 4day luxury stay? you have to plan your “dreamtrip” base on their location, itinerary, date and travel with a big group of ppl (some you might know some you might not). not to mention you might get yourself stuck in the 5star hotel as the location are away from town or sightseeing location, meaning you have to spend more on transportation which i like sightseeing. and if you are working 9-5 make sure your boss approve your leave for your “dreamtrip”. BTW air ticket is not included hence if no airline promotion you might have to pay a higher price for your airtix but “save” on your luxury stay. For me I prefer peaceful traveling with a few good frds as it is suppose to be my vacation, I plan and decide wer to go not the other way round. hence traveling part don work for me.

    The money making part don work for me too. Later on we found out that our “WV frd” loses a few leg so she do not wish to pay for the MS and had to get a few more of her frds to replace the lost leg. And us became her spare tyre. One of our common frd actually ask her to show him her pay roll if it is really big money but she can’t. Can’t blame her too as once you started you have to continue and get ppl to sign up as you wouldn’t want to waste your time and effort put in. Not just about $, but friendship to me is big maybe one day we will be friends again..

    She hooked me up to have a coffee session with one of the big money earner after I told her I need to consider. Her eyes got sparkle when she explain to me, how much she earns, how she enjoyed the Dreamtrip, how her friend signed up.. she told me this is the best biz to make $, as no products, no logistics, no inventory, no headcount, just traveling.. then I asked her “no headcount, what about the leg?” she answered “we will help you to manage the leg, and we work as a team so our team member will help you too.” I thou human management is the toughest in a biz, so I no nd to manage the LEG? it is very nice of you to have your leg to manage and you still help me to manage mine.. Anyway the moment I told her, yes these are good information and I nd time to think if this method work for me and my frds, her expression change, 15mins later she excuse herself for the next meeting. She had been in WV for about 3yrs(consider pioneer?). She make me realize if you wan to make it in WV you have to be like her, spend your time only on those that agree to the structure (don waste my time), drop if you sense not keen move on to the next, warm and friendly but cool after you say no, focus just get them to sign up, post pic and write philosophy in social media.. BTW she no longer approached her frds (why?) but having her own page and doing seminars to attract new bloods who are strangers.

    To rch residual income means you have to get a group of ppl who is as motivated as you and make sure they don’t drop out and they are able to find motivated legs so that they wouldn’t drop out too. Not only your leg have to be secure, your leg’s leg got be secure too. Imagine the time you have to put in.. no doubt some work really hard and make it, I salute you if you do it in a rightful method. and if you are able to find a super star and their (left) leg will be very much secure, but you still nd to secure your (right) leg. Overall I just want to say nothing comes easy without hard work so WV member stop telling ppl its easy as it is not. If you are not the pioneer batch, you just need to work double hard and be truthful in selling this ideal. Ppl buy your ideal, good for you. and if ppl wan to pull out of your ideal which they agree earlier, be graceful, let them cancel and you still have a friendship to keep. Go find another leg, $ don comes easy..

    Never sign up in the seminar, the positive realm is just too strong. Imagine if 800 ppl crying, will you cry if happen that you are among the 800 that day? So if 800 ppl telling you it is so easy will you believe them? At least meet up a few times to understand the whole structure, Google more info, ask them to logged into ROVIA and show you the Dreamtrips if suits your traveling style.. end of the day are you convince? if not how to convince your frds?

    No need to secure the seats on the spot (impulsive purchase), as you are no longer the pioneer batch. They might tell you if happen someone sign a superstar and you didn’t secure your place you will regret. Be it! Better than impulsive purchase ended with no superstar, have to pay MS, have to pay one-time payment ($480), your time, you friendship(unless you are able to approach strangers to sign up) & etc..

    Remember the 5 day COOLING PERIOD!! I wonder if CASE can help if they refuse cancellation?

    Ask around your friends and relatives before you decide, you will be surprise what positive/negative WV story they have to share. Take some time to digest what WV frds said and what others said. Tally both side and decide..

    Grace you are not alone and thank you very much for sharing.. I had shared my views to all my frds, and they didn’t sign up as they had asked around other frds/relatives who encountered WV too. it is not base on my words or yours, they are adults who can make their own decision.Maybe it is a good platform which suits a niche group of ppl who allow them to travel/earn $ at the same time, just like my old parents who love to follow travel group but it don work for me.

    The above are solely my own views, thous and experience. no offense to anyone, pls don attack me. I am just a ordinary secondary sch educated admin girl, who are careful with my friendship and my hard earn $. it’s your dreams but might not be mine..

  3. A scam is something that does not deliver what it has promised/what is in the contract. If the coffee joint doesn’t deliver the free coffee after producing 4 stamps, then yes, it is really a scam.

    If you would like to call it a scam, kindly quote cases of WV failing to live up to their promises/contract.

    I think what you are trying to say is that worldventures has a business model that doesn’t work for you, rather than saying that it is a scam.

    If the business model is inferior to you, don’t sign up, its as simple as that. Don’t call something a “scam” when it is not.

    I am against WV but at least i am clear that it is not a scam – I am against it because its business model doesn’t work for me. I don’t like the idea of bleeding every month with a heavy membership and then passing on the time bomb to others. Not to mention, It will earn you a very bad reputation among friends who don’t like WV(plenty!). But for those who can afford it/ can find ways to find their 4 members quickly/travel alot/don’t mind the bad reputation among friends, then this model works for them. Willing buyer, willing seller, no issue.

    If this model doesn’t work for you, just search for another business model that works well for you and then move on. It didn’t work for me either. I’m sorry but the coffee analogy made sense. If it doesn’t work for you, drink your coffee somewhere else.

    • Hello? Whether you are Lilo or Stitch, please read my WV blogposts first. All the links have been provided.

      I was promised that travel would be cheaper once I signed up. I got the rep to log in to the system to check if prices were indeed cheaper than what I had sourced outside. Fact: It’s not.

      If I’ve not been scammed (since I haven’t given them money), I’ve been lied to. Simple as that.

      The whole pyramid setup, seminars with people crying and whatnot, are ENOUGH for me to believe it is a scam.

      Don’t agree with me? Get your coffee and go elsewhere. Don’t come back. Thanks!

  4. In the first place, what has WV done to deserve this kind of treatment from you? You obviously did not fall prey. From my point of view, you seem to be a “righteous” person, so why do you target WV? They are plenty more who have escaped from your clutches and are doing great business still. Plenty more business scammers, robbers, thieves, kidnappers, and what have you. Why not you catch all of them? you can’t right? because you have limited time, so why do you target WV?
    Have they offended you in anyway? If they have, kindly enlighten. If they have not, are you riding on their existence to create some traffic or support for your blog? If you are just voicing your frustration through the blog because of this type of deceptive business, then i suggest you stop. because doing so is undoubtedly unreasonable to WV.

    you don’t like it, does not mean everyone does not like it. you have a good pay does not mean everyone would not want to slog and work for Scam companies like WV. There are all kinds of people, some are greedy, some are lusty, some are filthy, some are horny, some are short-sighted. There are in them DNAs and you can’t change, although you can influence them.

    So, for those greedy ones, if they don’t join WV, they will go and gamble, they will go and spend thousands on 4D, if not they go to genting, or go geylang to bet. They can also lovingly and knowingly and romantically and voluntarily fall prey to another type of MLM masquerading as a sound and steady business. or they squander their money in another place, another time. Its all a matter of time, sure you know murphy’s law.

    I have to support Alvin on this one, unless your explanation proves me otherwise (if you want to, that is) What has he done to deserve this from you ? Who started this in the first place ?

    The way they market their offerings is all too often too good to be true. so there is a saying that there is “no free lunch” and anyone who is rational would be able to see the truth in its full glory, however if one’s mind is infested with GREED, MONEY, GET RICH, GIRLS, BMWs, HOLIDAYS, obviously you deserve to be conned. and pretty sure not the first time being conned. haha.

    What does not work for you, does not mean it will not work for another person. some people like living life in the fast lanes, getting chased by police you know? getting rich fast !

    The only answer I can think of from you which can justify your actions is you tell everyone you can go around catching all the scam companies, then that justifies your actions. However, if you can only do so many, or in this case just one company, or a handful. then you would be in the wrong. Because you are outrightly pinpointing WV, you selectively target this company. and they have to deal with your crap. You know, I know, there are many more scam companies. so leave them alone unless you can take all of them on. focus on your expertise you will do fine. You are not a superwoman, can fly around and rescue everyone. so why not spend your precious time on things which actually can directly benefit you. although its selfish thinking, but its for your own good. we have approaching 6 million population, how to reach that number of people.

    Certainly, wholesome, objective, content is good on your part, except for this.

    If you don’t like what I typed, I am sorry then, just ignore my comment or delete it. whatever makes you happy. you can also scold me, because typing what you want is just simply freedom of speech.

    Peace Out.

    • Hi Desiree,

      Interesting. Alvin’s IP address is while yours is You guys stay together or something? Ok never mind, I don’t want to know.

      What has WV done to me? WV reps have harassed me, and tried to make me join. I blogged because I wanted them to know that, hey, I don’t want to join wv, ok? And THEN they started attacking me for blogging about them. What’s up?

      Er… I can’t catch all the scammers so I should not blog about the one I know about? If the police cannot crack all cases of missing children (and obviously they don’t have a 100% success rate), then they should ignore your report when your kid goes missing? And I shouldn’t pick up the piece of litter at my favorite park because I can’t pick up all the trash in the world? Sorry… I don’t get your kind of reasoning.

      You know as well as I do that my blog isn’t the Straits Times Online or Huffington Post or whatever. I blog to warn my friends and blog readers about what I see happening. I do this because I care about them. If you are in my shoes, and experienced what I have, I am sure you will do the same. I don’t just write about WV. I was equally vocal about Genneva Gold (whose reps harassed me as well, because of my network), but I was too late in getting my opinion to the press – they eventually published ONE letter from me. And as you know, Genneva gold has been shut down. My personal friend has made a big paper loss (his only consolation is that he is still sitting on all that gold, and can wait for gold prices to go skyhigh again).

      I am a fair person. I’m offering sensible WV reps the opportunity to do a guest blogpost right here. Just prove:

      (1) That WV has a substantial and sustainable source of income, other than its membership fees

      (2) That the majority of reps (80% or more) have broken even and made money within their first 2 years of joining and/or that 80% or more have enjoyed overseas trips at prices they would not get on their own, and did not have to travel in a WV-group, ie. with just their friends and family.

      (3) That this business is sustainable – if all the people in SG who are willing to join WV have ALREADY joined, what happens? Do reps have to make trips overseas to get signups and downlines and commissions?

      (4) That there are testimonials from highly-regarded and credible individuals ABOUT WV, and not about any other network marketing company. Testimonials from non-A-list artistes like Cynthia Koh are not credible, because she does not have the product endorsements like other artistes have, and she also has more time to travel, so monetizing her fanbase is the way to go, apparently.

      I hope you can see how I am being extremely fair here. Just send me the proof (my email is in the contact tab above), show me that your information is reliable and that your sources are verifiable, and I will upload a blogpost about the WV stand on things. Fair enough?

  5. Hi Grace,

    I was approached by one of my friends’ wife last Friday about this WV thing. They are doing AmWay and tried to pull me in, I paid the member fee which is 69SGD but having no interest in doing it at all. Last Friday I brought a product from Amway from my friend’s wife, I went to meet her to collect my staff and in which she was trying to persuade me to join this travel MLM company called WorldVentures.

    After explaining some the ‘Benefits’ that WV can bring to me. She then told that today which is 7th March 2014 is the last day for new member to get their 200USD back as travel point upon paying the one time membership 360USD. Upon hearing this she then asked me to join NOW! Well I did listen to her and pass her my credit card info to her. She told me the resignation will be done within few hours and I will get an email.

    After meeting with her, I went back to the office and was thinking about the conversation we had, I found this WV thing is FISHY. If I would to pay 360USD upfront and getting 200point return and paying 60USD and getting a 50point top up every subsequent month. I would have 200+60*12 = 920 point after one year. And this 920 point needs to be spent within one year if not it gets forfeited.

    So I ask her would I be able to use all my point at once to enjoy a free trip, she told it Does not work this work. Every package got its max point allowed to be offset. That being said I would spend even more $$ to try to finish the 920 points that I have accumulated. And the company can give mark up the package price by putting in a variable that simply offset the point that is allowed to be used.

    Said a trip costs 100USD and max allowed point to be used is 50. WV can basically markup the price to be 150 and still allows you to use your 50 point. So that’s the benefit ??? Well I do not have any evidence about this. But I am pretty sure WV will do this, because this is a COMMON strategy company used to get more money from the consumer. It’s a common sense thing isn’t it?

    And the worst part is in order to wave my monthly 60USD member fee I would have to find another 4 people under me. I am not some kind of idiot that believe in this stupid thing would ever work, seriously I have read the blog and see people like Weiting,Alvin who are like a moron believing in this kind of BULLL SHIT.

    Imagine I set up a MLM company asking you guys to join and giving me 100UDS per month and return you 90 point. And you are allowed to redeem items from me say example 200 point for a tooth brash, do you guys want?

    It is the same trick WV is playing.

    • Hi ZJ,

      I am quite sure 7 March 2014 is not the “last day” for those 200USD travel points. Simple sales technique to create a sense of urgency. 😉

      Hopefully, you have gotten your money back. Please tell all your friends about these scams so they don’t fall prey as well.

    • Hi,

      I did not sign up, i called up my friend’s wife and cancelled the resigstration.

      So i am fine.:)


    • Good for you, ZJ! If you had called her after the cooling off period, it’s unlikely that you will get your money back. Close shave!

  6. Hahaha…. These so called “last day” has been going on for the last 6 months. What a lousy trick from WV! If WV think their product is so great, do they need to extend this promotion for so long?

    • Well, Thor, the trick works with some people, especially if they are not acquainted with sales tactics.

      The product isn’t great, which is why a seemingly “great” promo is needed. 😉

    • that said people actually go about and ‘cheat’ their firends to join these MLM. And letting their friends to ‘Finance’ them for FREE TRIPS? Dreamtrips ??

  7. I will be blurt and short here. Only 3 kind of people join WV.

    1) the unscrupulous (top management?)
    2) the softhearted
    3) the stupid ( like Alvin maybe?)
    Another group – the impatient fall somewhere between group 2 and 3 🙂

    I’m don’t belong to all the 3 groups.

    Good job here Grace, I’m sure you have saved many people.

    Many Tua peh gong bless you!


  8. Way to go, Grace!!

    Hi, I’m Shannon from Seoul, Korea.
    I read through the post cuz I wanted to make sure that this WV thing is a total scam so that I can confidently tell my friend not to get involved with WV.

    A friend called me an hour ago and started talking about this business. With only $400 registration / $50 monthly fee, you can travel around the world for free. What free means if you recruit 6 ppl under you, all the fees you paid will be even, cuz you are making enough money from the ppl under you.

    I had a bad feeling about this and googled right away. There “World Ventures” appears with tons of true testimonials confessing that business is a scam. Then I’ve found your post, searching for “world ventures lawsuit”. The story you’ve been through is totally absurd! How the manager Alvin behaved is so unprofessional and immature. On the contrary, your voice made a consistent clear point, and that made me feel good.

    Now I am able to convince my friend not to join with given information such as Norway defines WV as Pyramid Game, etc..

    Thanks for sharing your story, Grace! 😉


  9. Hi Grace,

    I’m Nizam from Malaysia. Thank you so much for sharing this information. this WV has come to Malaysia and I think it’s still new in here. one of my high school seniors kept sharing the blue banner wherever he went travelling (locally not internationally yet) with his family on FB. and YES! he kept posting vague hints to start curiousity among his FB friends. he never mentioned the name of the company or the product or what ‘business’ he’s running. he just said about being ‘TRAVELPRENEUR’

    i’m a recreational diver so this ‘travel + making money’ biz sounds so good. who doesn’t want to go diving at Maldives and making money while you’re still on vacation? but i decided to figure out about this business by myself instead of asking him for i could sense this is MLM.

    for me it’s too good to be true. if a business requires you to recruit 4 kaki (leg) under your network is not a good biz model imho. it has a potential to jeopardize your friendship and ruin your family in some cases.

    Grace, thanks a lot for blogging about this. i will share this information with my friends in malayisa so they will aware of this company.

    Have a nice day!

  10. Hey Grace,
    thanks for the lovely blog, had a friend try to pull me into one of the WV things via FB. Sadly i am a skeptic when it comes to these too good to be true things, i tend to add ‘name of company’ + scam into google and see what it shows up, i think your blog is pretty informative, and it saved me a wasted trip down for the talk. Although giving my friend your blog link got the response ‘it’s a blog, anyone can say what they want’. i think he is a hopeless case i guess. Just a suggestion if it isn’t too much of a hassle, wouldn’t having a blog post will all the WV associated indexed on it be a good idea? As for this blog post i think that that was so unprofessional of this alvin guy.

    • Hey Jaswant, you are welcome. Most people google “World Ventures” and land on my ‘5 Reasons Why I Refuse To Join World Ventures’ blogpost, so I think that would be enough of a warning for most.

      I would thank my lucky stars if I don’t ever hear from this Alvin again. 😉

  11. Dear Grace,

    I’ve read your posts on WV etc and I found it to be quite enlightening.

    I’m sorry to read that you’ve had such a nasty encounter with someone that’s … ‘passionate’ about his business, but that’s really no excuse for him to speak to anyone else that way. Any feedback, is good feedback, because it’s what parts of the global market feels and thinks about the product.

    I am a recently signed on WV member, and my friend, who signed me up was very patient in explaining all my queries and questions, including WV’s sources of income etc and I was satisfied after doing my own research.

    True, this method of business may not be for everyone, but it is a great tool for a lot of others. Thank you for your posts because it reminds me to be always honest and transparent with my family and friends about WV. I’ve just signed on my third friend and she too had a lot of doubts. I did not push her, but told her to do her own research into both the product and the business opportunity.

    I’ve used my Rovia engine to buy an airline ticket and my refund is in process, so I’m pleased with that.

    I wish you all the success in your blogging career and all the blessings that you deserve.

    Thank you Grace for your blog and your valued views.

    Have a great week ahead of you.


  12. Hey so I’m having a very similar experience. I was pestered into joining this then when I tried emailing/calling world ventures I couldn’t get a hold of anyone to speak to. So I decided I’d notify my bank to withhold money from this bank and disputed the case. However, they disputed my dispute and I still got charged for the sign up fee. I’m quite heavily brain damaged and I think it quite noteable, do you think that I have a case for pursuing legal action under Australia’s law system?

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