Teeth Whitening At i.Dental: Review, Cost and What To Expect

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know I got my teeth whitened at i.Dental’s Capital Tower branch last month. “Teeth whitening” was put on my list of things to do this year because while I envied celebrities their super white teeth, mine were stained by years of tea drinking (I don’t drink coffee) and perhaps from my love for curries as well. I have tried one brand of whitening toothpaste but it didn’t work, and was a waste of my time and money! Thankfully, i.Dental managed to help bring the ‘dazzle’ back to my smile.

At an i.Dental event after I got my teeth whitened:

Grace at i.Dental

*She probably needed sunglasses before she could look at my teeth. Just kidding! 😀

Whiter teeth also results in greater confidence when taking ‘selfies’!

Rubi Hello Kitty Shoes

J's Salon Hair Spa

Even if you are not obsessed with photo-taking like most bloggers are, whiter teeth also helps you portray a more professional image at work, and it could also be beneficial where dating is concerned and on any occasion when first impressions count!

{ The Process }

Before the whitening could take place, I underwent routine scaling and polishing. The dentist also found some remnants of the bonding agent (from when I wore braces) on my teeth, so she removed them as well, otherwise the whitening gel would not be able to get into close contact with my teeth.

Here’s Dr Veronica, who did the teeth whitening for me. What she did was basically professional bleaching. A tray was fitted into my mouth and a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide was applied onto my teeth. Then, a laser light was used to ‘activate’ the gel. This whitening process can take up to an hour. There were supposed to be 4 rounds of application for me, but I stopped after the second round. Each round involves the application of the gel, the laser, and then a rest period of about 15 minutes before the next application.

i.Dental Dr Veronica

And here are my Before, During and After shots:

Whitening iDental

My teeth looked rather dehydrated immediately after the whitening, and it was normal according to Dr Veronica. It is bleaching after all. But that didn’t last very long.

And the reason why I stopped the whitening process after just 2 rounds was because my teeth were getting sensitive (an expected side effect of the procedure). If you have never experienced teeth sensitivity before, it’s kind of difficult to explain. It’s like your teeth are shivering. I have never had sensitive teeth so I was unaccustomed to that tingly sensation. Fortunately, the sensitivity did not last very long – in less than 24 hours, it was gone. I was given painkillers and toothpaste for sensitive teeth and those really helped! Also, not consuming anything cold (drinks, ice cream, etc) immediately after a whitening treatment is a good idea.

If I had done all 4 rounds of whitening, perhaps I’ll blind people with my ultra-dazzling smile. 😀

My teeth were about 2 shades whiter after the process. So, if you can bear with it, go ahead and stay the course with 4 rounds!

Here’s the pricing for teeth whitening at i.Dental:

(1) Whitening by tray system S$450 before GST

(2) Whitening with Chairside Professional S$988 before GST

Why i.Dental?

i.Dental is most recognized for its Invisalign treatment, and is a Platinum Elite Invisalign provider. But since I’ve already got my teeth straightened out with braces, the next thing I wanted to get done was whitening. 🙂

I liked how the clinic’s assistants are really friendly and eager to ensure I was comfortable. One asked if I’d like to watch a movie while another asked if there was any music I’d like to listen to while lying on the reclining dentist chair. Though I shook my head to indicate “no” twice, I was very impressed. A visit to the dentist is always frightening for me (and for most people I know), especially when you have a tray fitted into your mouth and can’t utter a word during the whitening process, but staff who try and make you feel at home really help to calm those nerves and make the whole process more bearable.

After whitening, do still be aware of what stains teeth. The usual culprits are coffee, tea, soda, and tobacco. If you can’t do without your morning cuppa, at least get a rinse after you drink. And quit smoking. 😉

For more information, visit i.Dental’s website and facebook page (links below). When making an appointment, or when popping by an i.Dental clinic, mention you were referred by me and ask for Dr Veronica – she’s a really sweet dentist.

Here’s the number to call: 6323 2813




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