Maison Ikkoku: Only Good For Coffee?

Maison Ikkoku

I visited Maison Ikkoku at 20 Kandahar Street recently and while I like the effort put into the decor, I found the food and beverage options unmemorable.

I had thought that you can’t go wrong with ordering a slice of cake. Unfortunately, the cookies & cream cake pictured above made me feel like I had wasted my calories on it.

I couldn’t finish my half of this sandwich either, which was all bread and tough, rubbery cheese than anything else:

Maison Ikkoku

On the second floor is a bar, which looked like a great place to chill, except for the fact that the staff had glum faces to match the dim lighting.

Didn’t finish my glass of Black Forest Mojito:

Maison Ikkoku

Conclusion: Calories are better expended elsewhere. I was told that the coffee here is good, but I’m not a coffee drinker, so if you’re just getting a cuppa, you can still head to Maison Ikkoku.


2 thoughts on “Maison Ikkoku: Only Good For Coffee?

  1. Surprised to read about your experience at the bar – its pretty well known and almost always crowded (the times I went there). Yes the drinks are expensive but they sell you on the bespoke concept – give them a 2nd chance and see if you can catch the main bartender, he’s got some nice suggestions like red date martini or their version of a pina colada

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