Laksania at Bugis+: Average Taste, Great Mission

I decided to have lunch at Bugis+ yesterday because most of the food places in and around Bugis Junction were packed at lunchtime. I recalled reading about Laksania in the news and knew it functions as a social enterprise. I decided to give their food a try.


My lunch companion had the Laksa Goreng while I chose the Singapore Laksa. Both items looked way more appetizing pictured in the menu:


For S$8.50, I thought my bowl of laksa could have looked more appetizing. Fortunately, I was hungry.


The presentation was pretty off-putting, the cockles were under-cooked and the gravy lacked oomph. It was, simply, a boring bowl of laksa, which cannot be compared with any of your favorite laksa places.

However, Laksania hires people with disabilities and trains this marginalized group to be valuable assets to society. While I will not rave about what I have tasted there, I am supportive of Laksania’s mission.

Truth be told, where food is concerned, Singaporeans tend to vote with their wallets. If footfall to this outlet is lacking, the food must have failed to seduce our tastebuds. In this case, even an attractive rewards program for customer feedback might not prove as effective:


Another social enterprise in the F&B industry – Eighteen Chefs – has done very well. The focus is on serving great-tasting food and the target audience is well-specified (Students). While I may experience bad service attitudes from the staff, I will still head back for beer-battered fish and chips or their baked rice.


2 thoughts on “Laksania at Bugis+: Average Taste, Great Mission

  1. They used to be at compass point and it was nice to have a rather decent variety of laksa at food court prices. Pity they don’t have that model now.

    • Compasspoint? Really? So near my place. It was probably some time back? Yeah, now the laksa is overpriced for the quality. And the outlet wasn’t packed at all. At lunchtime, only 3 tables (including mine) had patrons. And they served under-cooked cockles. 😦

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