PUTIEN’s Spring Menu – Featuring Bamboo Clams and Broad Beans

I attended a tasting session hosted by PUTIEN today, and I found it rather educational too. Instead of simply describing how the broad beans are selected and cooked, PUTIEN brought in the whole plant so we can experience ‘harvesting’ those beans. Beyond wow-ing us with 7 different ways of cooking bamboo clams, the chef also brought in a styrofoam box with live clams and demonstrated how, with the addition of seawater (from a supplier) and a sprinkling of salt, the clams will actually squirt water like mini water guns, in the process of purging sand and mud(?) out! Unbelievably amusing!

PUTIEN bamboo clams

We got to taste bamboo clams prepared in 7 different ways – from steaming to deep-frying. I found that the clams tasted best as part of an omelette (a nice alternative to oyster omelette) and in soups! The bamboo clams have a natural sweetness that results in a really addictive broth!

I found that broad beans on their own taste uninspiring. I believe the chef will be creating some new recipes incorporating these beans so head over to PUTIEN to find out what they are!

PUTIEN Broad Beans

Broad beans are harvested manually as the plants grow on slopes not conducive to harvesting via machines. And these beans are available only during spring time! For the Chinese and Taiwanese, the eating of these broad beans usually evokes childhood memories, so perhaps only the simplest of preparation is required.

I have to say, though, that eating bamboo clams prepared in 7 different ways in 1 sitting is a bit overwhelming. πŸ˜€

PUTIEN bamboo clams

We did get to eat PUTIEN’s signature beehoon with an accompaniment of their famous chili sauce. It’s a must-order at any visit to PUTIEN!

Dessert: Chilled Putian Loquat in Herbal Jelly S$4.90

PUTIEN dessert

I found dessert to be an odd mixture of sweet and sour / bitter. I probably won’t order this again, but go for the lemongrass jelly instead! πŸ™‚

Today’s visit was to PUTIEN’s flagship outlet at 127 Kitchener Road. Tel: 67496338