How I Prepped For My 14km Run


I took part in the 14km Passion North East Run this morning at Pasir Ris Park. It was my first 14km race, and truth be told, I’ve never trained for 14km. Only 10km.

It could be the lack of adequate training or just really bad air due to the haze, such that I was panting by the 3rd kilometer. So I didn’t push myself during this race and completed the run in 92 minutes.

Here’s some of the prep work I did before the race (not including training) :

1) Attached the race bib to the race tee after collecting it about a week before race day. *Cos I forgot about the race bib last year and thankfully had time to head home for it before my 10km Shape Run.

2) Cut off the sleeves on my race tee so it’s more comfortable during a long race. Should have just won an exercise tank top instead, like some of the other participants.

3) Put plasters on my feet as a blister prevention measure.

4) Laid out everything I’d need the night before my race. Socks, bobby pins for my hair, etc. *I use bobby pins to secure all stray hairs so no part of my fringe ends up poking me in the eyes during the race. I also tie my hair in a French plait instead of a regular ponytail as the latter tends to feel ‘heavy’ after a while, as it tugs quite strongly on hair roots.

5) I had a banana and mini energy bar ready for a quick boost just before the race, at the race venue.

Things I Should Have Done But Didn’t:

1) Left my drawstring shorts at home instead of wearing them for the run. Should have worn the pair with an elastic band so it sits snugly above my hips, unlike the drawstring one which required multiple adjustments during the race.

2) Worn a watch with a timing function instead of having my handphone strapped to my arm. It would have helped in regulating my running pace.

3) Trained for the 14km run (duh!). The pain of regret is truly greater than the pain of discipline.

*This 14km run cost me just S$20, which was the price for early bird registrations for Passion card holders. Compared with last year’s Shape Run, there were no pacers during today’s run, and unlike the Shape Run’s 3 pre-race practice runs, there were no practice runs for Passion North East run. I received just a tee, shoe bag and medal for today’s race. 😉

**I don’t think I’ll run any race involving more than 14km, but I just might attempt another 10km run this year. 😀