Chocolate Origin: Lava Cake review

At Bugis Junction #B1-01 is Chocolate Origin. You’re unlikely to miss it if you are heading to the main escalator that takes you to level 1 of Bugis Junction. I have not tried their whole cakes yet, but last week, I found the temptation of a $5 lava cake impossible to resist.

Chocolate Origin Bugis JunctionAs it turned out, it was $5 too expensive. The lava cake looks way better than it tastes. The cake itself tasted like one of those premixes that you can stuff into a microwave oven and get your lava cake in a cup. And the ice cream below was a disaster. There were so many ice crystals in it – as if the ice cream had been frozen, thawed, then frozen again – and tasted like frozen milk.

Chocolate Origin Bugis JunctionThe only good thing about this dessert is that it is not too sweet.

For the same price, I’d much rather get a $5 combo from Subway about 2 units away – sub + drink.


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  1. Hi Grace! Stumbled upon your blog when I was surfing wordpress and I really love your honest reviews 🙂 Hope to see more of them! Keep it up!

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