Nanyang Polytechnic’s UNIT14: AMPLIFIED

Earlier this month, I went to check out UNIT14: AMPLIFIED at the National Library. AMPLIFIED is a showcase of the design work by over 160 graduates from Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Design.

Nanyang Poly unit 14 amplified

There was a mind-boggling number of projects on display. Got a little dizzy after navigating that whole showcase! Some of the projects were pretty impressive, some exceedingly creative, a few of them bizarre, and at least one seemed to be a copy of an actual business.

Leonard Lam Xin Xin Dialect

(above) Leonard Lam’s ‘Xin Xin Dialect’ project is a Hokkien card game which includes common Hokkien phrases and “illustrations that depict its usage”. The card game also comes with a free iOS app that provides audio pronunciation to aid user understanding. Let’s just say I had a similar idea for promoting Chinese dialects among youths but Leonard’s idea is way more cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bernice Ong Second Chance

Bernice Ong’s ‘Second Chance’ idea is pretty interesting. “Second Chance is a mediating space for separated couples to reflect upon their marriage before taking further action, serving as a final opportunity for couples to salvage their marriage. Marriage counselling is also offered to them here. However, if they do decide on a divorce, a section of the space is designed to lead them through the process, helping them to end the marriage both physically and mentally”.

I like how she even thought of things like ring disposal! In this age of “conscious uncoupling”, I guess couples do need such a space to reflect on their marriage and whether it is worth salvaging.


I like Hayden Goh’s idea of a hiking aid that can also be of help during an emergency. You can even activate a blinking light for SOS signaling!

Tan Pei Jing Connex

Tan Pei Jing’s Connex “allows outdoor camping tents to be connected together seamlessly”. There goes your privacy. But it’s great for families with young kids!

Tan Chien Hui SNooze

I have fallen sound asleep on one of Changi Airport’s chairs before so I know how important it is to have one’s luggage kept secure! Having your luggage attached to your seat is brilliant! One can snooze peacefully now!


Crystal Ong’s Uber keeps an umbrella inside a walking aid, so the user can have both an umbrella and a walking aid when it is raining. How awesome!

Other great ideas include: Muhammad Aminuddin’s Rollix (an extendable paint roller equipped with a pressure pump), Teo Hun Ing’s PortalDrip which “removes the need for drip stands by allowing users to wear the drip on themselves”, making it easier to tackle stairs, access toilets and frees up more space in hospital rooms, and Tan Wei Ming’s Re-Cap which will “help drivers locate their cars [in carparks] with… visual reminders and mental mappings”. I’m not sure how Re-Cap actually works, but less time required in figuring out where the boyfriend parked his car is always welcome!

Nyssa Tien Recharge Box

Nyssa Tien’s ‘Recharge Box’ idea seems a little bizarre. It is “a series of hanging boxes for napping” and allows tour bus drivers to stretch out and sleep. It is great that she thought of napping as a “strategy for maintaining alertness”. But I’m not sure we need to go to that expense! How much will it cost to construct this whole thing? Plus, it seems rather scary to sleep in a box – I’ll leave that for when I’m dead. Tour bus drivers can simply stretch out in the seats on board the buses. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nurul Ain Petite Burger

Does Nurul Ain know that her Petite Burger idea is extremely similar to the vegan burger joint, Veganburg? Hmm…

All in all, it was an eye-opening exhibition. I hope Nanyang Polytechnic continues to nurture more of these creative individuals and let their innovative designs be taken to market. ๐Ÿ™‚