Blogging For A Living: SIM HQ Book Talk 2nd April 2014

[This post was featured in my Book Talk at SIM HQ on 2nd April]

Bannerman Blogging Comic

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Tip #1: Your NETWORK is extremely important!

Grace at i.Dental


~ A Bit About Me: How My Blog Was Started ~


With MP Penny Low

Penny Low

Minister Sim Ann

Blogger Grace and Minister Sim Ann 2

Tip #2: Follow your passion. The money (and rewards) will come.

BRANDS Essence of Chicken

RWS Dolphin Island

[*Read my blogpost about my visit to Dolphin Island. Initially I felt that dolphins should just be left in the wild. After the visit, I came to understand how the dolphins are being cared for at Resorts World Sentosa.]

MILO Champions League 2013

MILO Champions League 2013

Tip #3: Find your passion and work hard at it. If you want something badly enough, you will get it.

Receiving my award from Minister Lawrence Wong

Tip #4: Face your fears.

croc hunter

Tip #5: The quitters never win. And the winners don’t quit.

~ Monetisation ~

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A picture with the all-female organizing team 😀

Book Talk at SIM

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