Gucci’s Made To Measure EDT for that Dream Date

Gucci Made To Measure

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When I took the bottle of Gucci Made To Measure EDT out of the box, what captivated me first of all was the interesting cap and how heavy the bottle is – it would make a good paperweight one day!

Even before finding out if the scent was pleasing, the fiance asked if he could have the bottle as he is a fan of the brand. So… no giveaway this time! 😀

My thoughts about the scent: It’s for the more distinguished gentlemen, so if you are below the age of 30, it’s probably not that suitable. It belongs to the man who has earned his place in society and is unafraid to flaunt it. [Wow. I should go write those cryptic descriptions for perfumes! Ha!] I’m not sure if this scent will be a hit with the ladies, so, guys, it’s best if you ask your girlfriend or wife for her opinion about the scent before you make that purchase. [Prices below]

Gucci Made To Measure

Pricing: EDT 30ml (S$88), 50ml (S$112), 90ml (S$146), Aftershave lotion (S$103), Shampoo (S$50), Deodorant (S$45)

Together with the bottle for review, I was also asked what I thought would make a “dream date”. It’s definitely important that my date must smell good (or, at the very least, not smell bad). An ex-boyfriend used to douse himself in cologne before stepping out of the house, and anyone within a 5m radius would end up choking. So, guys, moderation is key.

Also, let’s not forget about basic grooming and hygiene, clean shoes, and clean clothes. There. It’s not that difficult. At least guys have no need for makeup or elaborate hairdos. 😀