The Entertainer App: Great Discounts, When It Works

Late last month, I made my way to Extra Virgin Pizza at United Square, and together with a group of fellow bloggers, was introduced to the Entertainer Singapore app.

What I like most about this app is that it can tell you which stores are offering you 1-for-1 deals based on your current location. So, if I’m in Punggol now, here’s what I see:

The Entertainer Singapore

For certain locations, there are limited choices available.

My blogger pal, Steven, and I did utilize the app when we had dinner at Marriott Hotel’s Pool Grill previously.

Marriott Hotel Pool Grill

The 1-for-1 main course deals available via the Entertainer app are thus pretty attractive. Steven utilized the app installed into his phone when settling the bill after dinner as I was worried the app in my phone would fail once again.

What happened was this: At Extra Virgin Pizza, I just *could not* redeem the 1-for-1 pizza deal that all the bloggers present were encouraged to redeem. After I keyed in my 4-digit code, and the restaurant staff keyed in hers, the redemption code just would not show. So I ended up maxing out all 4 redemption opportunities at Extra Virgin Pizza, with no idea what went wrong:

The Entertainer Singapore

It would have been pretty embarrassing if this problem had occurred in another restaurant and my meal companion and I had to pay full price instead of the 1-for-1 deal we had gone to the restaurant for. I haven’t used the app since. Though Steven has told me the app has proven very useful to him, and the amount he has saved with these dining offers has exceeded the purchase price of the app! The app can be downloaded for S$95 and you can key in this discount code for 20% discount: @huppy6 (valid till end-April).

[Click HERE to read a detailed account about Steven’s experience with the App. It has saved him a lot of money!]

What we ate at Extra Virgin Pizza:

Extra Virgin Pizza

4 very-thin crust pizzas that 4 people couldn’t finish

Isaac Tan, the Senior Marketing & Communications Executive wrote to all the bloggers after the event, expressing hope that we’d enjoyed the pizzas and asking if we’d like any more information or photos. My email reply to him did not get a response. But if you are curious, here it is:

Extra Virgin Pizza

No need for a review about Extra Virgin Pizza now. And I won’t be back either. There are many other places to go for better pizza in Singapore. 😉