Art Loft: I Scroll, I Rent, I Buy

I attended an Art Loft launch event recently and found the works of 2 artists especially captivating.

Eeshaun creates many abstract, whimsical and very colorful paintings. Here’s one, titled ‘Confessions of the Confectionary Cult‘:

art loft

I LOVE colors so I really like his work! 🙂

I am also a fan of the paintings by Leo Liu Xuanqi, which involve a yellow rubber duck!

art loft

In fact, I was so taken by the concept that I went to take some rubber duck photos myself! 😀

duck picture

wild duck

Thanks to the Art Loft event, I came to realize that we can actually purchase art online instead of visiting a physical gallery. Since most of us are familiar with e-commerce, why not buy artworks off the web too? 🙂

6 Reasons to LOVE Art Loft:

1) Get a 10% discount promocode simply by signing up for a free Art Loft account! Plus, there is FREE SHIPPING too! art loft

2) View all artwork in full color online. Have your mouse hover over any point on the artwork and it brings up a ‘magnifying glass’ so you can see all the details clearly!

art loft

The same piece of artwork in a poorly-lit corner of a physical gallery:

art loft

See the difference?

3) Art Loft’s short-term art rental service costs as little as $20 per month! And if you decide to purchase the artwork later on, part of the rental payment is credited to the final purchase price!

Try before you buy? Yay!

Click and buy[Art Loft was featured in The Straits Times on 29th April 2014]

Check out how each piece looks in your home or office before you purchase it:

rent for home

How does renting work? An example:

art loft

4) Saves you a lot of time and energy! Instead of visiting physical galleries, just scroll, click and buy online.

5) A database of over 500 works by emerging contemporary artists in Asia. You can even find the works of Stefanie Hauger, who won the UOB Painting of the Year competition in 2013.

Licorice Allsorts Stefanie Hauger

4 out of her 15 artworks (priced between $800 and $3500) available on have already been sold!

6) Some of the artworks have a charity component too! A part of the proceeds go to charity.

One such artwork:

art loft

And I really like this one, which I would name ‘Super Duck’ :

art loft

Love art? You’ll love Art Loft.

–>  <–

I expect their paintings will be flying off the virtual “shelves” after their recent media features. So hurry, and stake your claim on your favorite pieces now! 😀