RivaLife: Scam or not?

When my fiancé alerted me to a RivaLife email that promises a S$35 cashback on petrol with just payment of S$1, I was immediately suspicious.


So this email is telling me that this company, RivaLife, is essentially giving away petrol worth S$34 to every person who signs up for this offer?

Let’s do the math: Say, 10,000 people sign up. So RivaLife is sponsoring S$340,000 worth of petrol?! Wow. What a way to go bankrupt quickly.

Then I found the concept strangely familiar. I’d come across it somewhere.

Turns out I had seen one of their ads previously and submitted my email address, so they have been sending me emails every so often. But I’d flagged the first few as spam so the rest all ended up in my spam folder.


I have been receiving 1 email per day consistently from RivaLife!

Besides petrol, there is dim sum, Universal Studios, H&M, Zara, MRT, utilities, sushi, supermarket, fast food, shoes, movies, etc!

There is something for everyone!


rivalife fine print

Remember: there is no free lunch in this world. And certainly no free petrol either!

Googled and found this here:


Whether you think this is a scam or not, please exercise caution. I, for one, will not sign up for such a “membership”.

If something appears too good to be true, do be a bit skeptical, check for fine print, ask questions, and never ever accept anything at face value.


14 thoughts on “RivaLife: Scam or not?

  1. Better to be careful then to be sorry. Thanks for informing, I also realized that there are many emails sent to me but I didn’t subscribe to their advertisement before ? 😦

  2. Thank you Grace for writing about rivalife so at least we will be aware and mindful and careful and so won’t fall to become a victim to the “scam”.

    Hoe Zong Huan

  3. Yes, this is indeed a scam! Grace was right! I wanted to search for the contact number but it brings me to this page and I would like to alert all who reads this page. I took up the $1 offer for the cab and only realised that RivaLife has tried to deduct $79.90 from my account. Fortunately, the 3 attempts failed today and I received a message about these ‘unauthorised’ transactions. I thought it was the $1 deduction as the amount was not indicated in the message like other merchants but my Banker confirmed otherwise. No one answers calls at 63610889.
    I was advised by my Banker to change the card immediately as the deduction will continue once it’s successful.


  4. It’s unfortunate that the numerous Internet scams nowadays. Must be careful and not be a victim. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, this is indeed a scam! I only saw the $79.90 deduction fine print after took up the $1 offer for the top up transport card offer. I tried to call them many time to cancel the subscription but no one answers calls at 63610889. I have no other choice but to call the bank to block the card and replace for a new one.

  6. Glad you guys stopped in time. I didn’t read much into details.. and therefore they deducted my money saying that it was all in the fine print.. Lesson learnt..

  7. Sad to say I was SCAMMED with their tricks and got charged for the membership. When I complained and demanded a refund for the membership fee, they refused and converted the amount to “credits” which I can spend to buy more of their products but at regular price (not reduced price). I’ve learned my lesson and will have to be more thorough in examining their “fine prints” before buying anything from them.

  8. Unfortunately, I fell into their scam as well..Only realized it after the $88 subscription fee was deducted from my credit card. Email them immediately but they refused to refund me and instead refunded me in “Rivalife dollars” and told me to spend the amount within half a year! I am definitely not going to accept this as I am no longer confident to purchase from them. Have contacted the bank and replaced my card in case they make anymore deductions and also requested the bank to conduct a fraud investigation against Rivalife after realizing that there are also others affected.

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