Interview with Ivan Ong, CPA Academy Pte Ltd

Ivan Ong WorkingWithGrace interview

[Picture taken during a visit to CPA Academy’s office]

In Ivan’s own words: “Hello to all readers of WorkingWithGrace! Firstly, I would like to thank Grace for granting me this interview – it’s absolutely my pleasure to be featured on your blog as one of the entrepreneurs that you have interviewed.”


1) You have written that you made your first million at age 24, and had already bought your first car as an undergraduate at age 23. What did you do differently from your fellow undergraduates back then? Has it always been your goal to be a millionaire / multi-millionaire?

Back when I was young, my aspiration was to become an accountant because my mother told me that being an accountant means I will never be out of a job even if the economy is in bad shape. I studied hard and got into NTU, majoring in Accounting.

It was after reading this book titled ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ that my mentality really started shifting. Do I really want to work in a job and end up being just like my parents who worked their entire life? (My mom recently received her long service award for 40 years of service in her company… OMG!)

It was then that I started spending hours looking for opportunity and I have tried many ventures, all of which ended up failing. HYIP, e-gold, online casino, MLM, online MLM, trading options, trading forex, etc. I tried everything and I lost a couple of thousand dollars (it was a lot to me in the past as a student).

It was only in 2007 that I chanced upon Internet Marketing and the possibility of generating an income online. I wasn’t sure of what I was doing and highly skeptical about whether all of these were even real until I received my first Google cheque for a payment of $208.80.

Google cheque Ivan Ong

It was then that I spent a countless number of hours in the world of Internet Marketing and while my peers were in class, I was in my hostel room working on my business. While my peers were out playing, I was in my hostel room working on my business. While my peers were sleeping at night, I was in my hostel room working on my business.

That was really how I started. I sacrificed a great deal of my social life for my business and I must say it was all worthwhile.

2) For those with no Internet Marketing experience whatsoever, please explain what CPA Marketing is all about.

I did an explanation blogpost here to share what CPA marketing is all about.

3) How easy (or difficult) is it to pick up CPA Marketing and be good at it, .i.e. 5-figure income per month?

The beauty of what I do in CPA marketing is that you do not need to build a website in order for you to earn a 5 figure income. Many newbies often fail because they are technically challenged and after a while, they give up.

With my system, you do not have to sell anything to make money online, you do not have to build a website to make money online, and you do not even need to have a good command of the English language.

So basically, all the barriers to entry have been taken care of. That is why we have so many success stories and even a completely IT-illiterate 59 year old grandfather generated over 6 figures last year.

During the initial stages is when people are still learning and they may encounter a little negative return in their online advertising campaigns. However, this is absolutely normal.

As you persevere, you start to get better at CPA and the time taken for you to start a campaign shortens considerably and you now have a better idea of how the whole process works. It eventually becomes 2nd nature for you and you know exactly what to do when certain situations arise.

That is the point when people start to see profits and then eventually scale it up to a 5-figure income. I have actually simplified my training program into a system that can be duplicated by people easily.

4) Most people think that the Internet Marketing lifestyle involves fast cars, huge paycheques every month, etc. What’s the flip side to that? What are the sacrifices you have had to make / hard work you have had to put in?

Well, this is often a misconception created by the so-called ‘guru’ scammers trying to paint a beautiful picture of how you can make a million bucks not having to do anything or just by a few clicks of your mouse daily.

The real beauty of the IM lifestyle is the freedom that you have. You can wake up anytime you want and you do not have to report to anybody. You can be working anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

However, the flip side is that many of the successful online marketers that I know are actually workaholics. They spend a lot of their time working on their online business.

You have to be disciplined because you are your own boss now. You report to yourself, set deadlines for yourself and kick yourself in the ass when you become lazy.

It’s very easy to lose yourself once you start seeing profits coming in but the moment you rest on your laurels and start to become lazy, that’s when it can become dangerous because there are a lot more people who are out there working triple the number of hours you are putting in and who are 10 times more hungry for success than you are.

If you were to ever hear people telling you that you can make money without having to put in hard work, run as far as you can!

5) Your Motto / Mission in Life and some principles you stick to no matter what in Business?

Remain Focused. Keep Grinding. Stay Amazing and “always be learning.”

I created a blogpost regarding this quote – it is one that I keep reminding myself of when I work on my online business.

6) How do you intend to scale your business?

I now have a team that helps run a huge portion of my business for me both online and offline. That really freed up a lot of time so that I can really focus and think about expanding my business.

Right now, we have 2 big online projects that are happening in 2014 and we have gotten some partners to come in and manage the projects.

One project is the CPA network that we have created and it is at (This is a private network that only our own CPA marketing students can assess).

The other project is a traffic company that we are setting up so that people can purchase traffic from us and send traffic to their website/products.

Eventually, I aim to build up an ecosystem whereby everything that a person needs to make money online, all comes from my company. When we help our customers to be successful, we become more successful ourselves too.

So my aim in my business is to help as many people both in Singapore and Asia to quit their jobs and change their financial destiny as possible.