How I Won Four Tickets To Star Awards 2014

I had the opportunity of attending the Star Awards Show 2 on April 27th at the Suntec Convention Centre. My first time at the Star Awards! 🙂

And it is very different from watching the Star Awards on TV at home.

For one, the atmosphere is CRAZYYYY! The various fan clubs generate so much noise that you wonder why herbal lozenges are not included in the goodie bags.

Secondly, there are no advertisements. Wait… let me repeat that again. THERE ARE NO ADVERTISEMENTS. Woohoo! I really dislike TV advertisements, so there you have it – watch the Star Awards ceremony live!

Third, you don’t miss a sec. Some portions of the show had been edited, especially if you watch the repeat telecast. For instance, Chen Liping, upon receiving her Best Actress award, proclaimed “All glory be to God”, but it seems that portion was cut out from the 2nd telecast.

And here’s how I won those 4 tickets. I took part in 8 Days Magazine’s Caption Contest. I won tickets for 2 of my captions. Here are the photos and my accompanying captions. 😀 [Both pictures are from 8 Days]

Elvin Ng Star Awards [“Hey bro, smile lah. You want an endorsement next year or not?” :P]

Rui En Star Awards

[ “People say you have to be friends with everyone in order to win an award. I’m, like, whatever~.” :D]

Did I stay for the whole awards ceremony? Nope. We left early so as to avoid the crowd when taking the train home. We left just before the Top 10 Favorite Female and Male Artiste awards were given out.

Perhaps next year, if given tickets again, I will stay till the end. 🙂