How People Stop Themselves From Blogging

This post might well be the first of a hundred-part series. I’ve gotten so many inquiries about blogging via email and via my facebook page that I thought I might as well blog about some of them.

Here’s one today from a guy named Syed.


Many people suffer from the “paralysis by over-analysis” syndrome.

If you don’t even own a blog, why should you be concerned about TAX?!

Shouldn’t you be more concerned about HOW to start a blog FIRST?

And mind you, not everyone can make money from a blog. Most newbies get started, get discouraged, and get out of the blogosphere faster than you can imagine.

1) Don’t start a blog just for the money. It won’t come if that is all you can think about.

2) Just get started and stop worrying about tax, and this and that. If you don’t have a blog already, you are just worrying for nothing. And frankly, sending me questions when you don’t even own a blog yet is just wasting my time. 😛