Overwhelming Response! LUX World Class Perfume Shower Cream Giveaway

Thank you all for your participation! The winner for the LUX World Class Perfume Shower Cream giveaway has been announced!šŸ™‚

This giveaway attracted 18320 views, 590 likes, 501 comments and most importantly, 2175 shares!

LUX World Class Perfume Shower Cream

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How I’d rank the shower creams by scent:

1) Soft Touch – a truly lovely floral scent! It comes with a french rose infusion.

2) Magical Spell – contains black orchids and juniper oil. Kinda smells like lavender to me.

3) White Impress – with mulberry and honey. A very mild scent.

Have you tried any of LUX’s world class perfume shower creams?šŸ™‚