Punggol Ebi J Prawning: Catch Rate Not Fantastic, Lobster If Lucky

Just returned home from a prawning session at Ebi J Prawning at Punggol Marina Country Club. As this blogpost’s title suggests, the catch rate was disappointing but some folks did manage to catch lobsters.

The place has 3 ponds – 1 for saltwater prawns and lobsters, and the other 2 for freshwater prawns.

The saltwater prawns are notoriously difficult to hook. Only the extremely patient can catch a few prawns from this pond. After trying our luck for quite a while, and catching only 1 saltwater prawn, we went over to the other two ponds instead.

At the end of the three hour session, we caught 15 prawns. The session cost S$35, plus S$3.21 parking charges. Each prawn thus costs S$2.55! We are not prawning newbies, so… head over only if you are feeling extremely lucky. [And *ahem* there are notices stating that fishing a prawn out of the pond with your bare hands will incur a fine of S$50, so I shall not go into detail here…]

I dislike how the ponds have multiple underwater pipes which hooks can get stuck in. However, the place is well-sheltered indoors so there is no fear of rain ruining your prawning session.

The prawning rates are as follows:

Freshwater Prawning: 1hr S$18, 2hrs $28, 3hrs $33

Saltwater Prawning: 1hr $20, 2hrs $30, 3hrs $35

Some folks managed to endure not catching any/many prawns, and eventually got rewarded for their patience with a lobster.

I do think paying S$35 for a small lobster is not quite value for money. So, hopefully, you can catch two or more of them!

In any case, lobster prawning is a dream come true for many prawning enthusiasts. šŸ˜‰