Blogging FAQ: Will My Free WordPress Blog Run Out Of Space?

I have good news and bad news for you, with regard to this question.

The bad news first. Yes, your blog WILL eventually run out of space.

The good news: You get slightly over 3GB of space, and you can always get a space upgrade. Most people give up blogging before they have even used up a tiny fraction of that 3GB, so why are you worried?

Here’s my current status:

My Blog Space

After close to FOUR years of blogging, and 565 blogposts uploaded, I have used just 32% of the free space allocated. Are you worried about running out of space? I’m not.

And here’s how much it costs for a space upgrade…

The following prices are per blog, per year:

  • 10GB Space Upgrade: $20.00
  • 25GB Space Upgrade: $50.00
  • 50GB Space Upgrade: $90.00
  • 100GB Space Upgrade: $160.00
  • 200GB Space Upgrade: $290.00

More details HERE.