Fruit Frolic: Nutritious Cold-Pressed Juices, Yummy Salads & More!

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Fruit Frolic

Fruit Frolic

Whenever possible, you might want to select cold-pressed juices over those from a conventional juicer or blender as the latter tend to destroy the precious enzymes in fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressing prevents the excessive loss of nutrients and enzymes, ensuring your body gets all the goodness you have paid for!

I am a huge fan of Fruit Frolic at Marina Bay Link Mall. It serves very refreshing juices and fruit teas, as well as shockingly tasty salads which you absolutely have to try! And oh, don’t miss the Fruit Frosty (I’ve tried the Avocado frosty with chocolate sauce. Yumz!)

Accessible via train and conveniently located at the Downtown station (and right next to Starbucks), Fruit Frolic serves up a yummy range of over 44 concoctions, on top of smoothies, juices served neat, and fruit teas!

Concoctions are priced at S$6.50 and neat juices from S$5. A cup of carrot juice will cost you S$8 but do bear in mind that 1 to 1.2kg of carrots went into making that one cup of juice!

Fruit Frolic also grows its own wheatgrass! It takes 10 days to grow wheatgrass from seedling to the time it’s ready for harvesting. One wheatgrass shot costs just S$4.

 Fruit Frolic

[Picture at the bottom left-hand corner explains how much I love Fruit Frolic. I usually have leftovers at meals. :D]

What I learnt from Evan, founder of Fruit Frolic:

1) It is best to consume juices on an empty stomach. Most people get it wrong and drink juices only after food. Instead, allow your body to fully absorb all the nutrients without getting bogged down by the digestion of your meal.

2) Customize your own morning juice with your favorite fruits and vegetables. Evan usually has green apple, orange, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, beetroot and carrot in his.

No time to prepare your own salads or juices? Head to Fruit Frolic!

fruit frolic

Visit Fruit Frolic at:

8A Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-02 (Mondays to Fridays 11am to 7pm)

fruit frolic

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