Roy Ngerng, it is NOT about the money

Roy Ngerng, through his lawyer M Ravi, has offered the Prime Minister $5000 as damages, in what the lawyer deems a “reasonable offer”. It would be “reasonable” if the person being defamed is just another blogger.

Roy must be out of his mind to think that the PM would accept just 5K.

It’s really not about the money.

The amount is supposed to be an indication of Roy’s sincerity in offering his apologies, and whether he has understood the gravity of the situation. One just does not make claims about the PM in a blogpost without being ready to take it to the courts.

Taking down an offensive blogpost as requested, then uploading a video, sending out emails to the media regarding the posts, etc, is just not acceptable practice. Roy has been ungentlemanly.

I don’t think anyone is happy about the Minimum Sum being raised, or how our money seems all locked up in our CPF accounts, or how our government thinks retirees are incapable of managing their own finances and will fritter all that money away… BUT Roy’s not someone I will back. He can try to get an NMP position (haha!) but I’m looking for someone with more substance – someone more credible, someone who keeps his word, someone who knows when to “cease and desist” when things are clearly not in his favor.

Thanks for making all that noise, Roy. Now, save your own skin, and take this via another route (NMP or not).

p/s: Try offering a 5-figure sum, instead of $5K. Also, tell your supporters to stop all that graffiti lah. If you love your country, you don’t stain it like that.


8 thoughts on “Roy Ngerng, it is NOT about the money

  1. Hi Grace, after further reading about Roy’s stupid antics, i think i am with u. I am not against his passion and desire to bring up the CPF issue, just that he is being a bit too much. Saying stuffs which are not backed by solid evidence in hand. BTW, i am not even a MIW supporter to have to comment like this.

  2. Frankly, much of what can be said about CPF can be summarised into 3 objections:

    1) Min Sum is raising too high, too quickly,
    2) No option to take out all at 50/55 years of age as per in Malaysia’s Pension Fund.
    3) Interest paid can be higher, really, to adjust for real inflation.

    I am 57, have drawn out a very high 5 figure on reaching 55, retired at 56 thanks to renting out my HDB flat. I thank CPF for saving my ass because I never was able to save any money even when I was earning a good salary in my younger days.
    Been there, done that.

  3. It seem most people are supporting him out of pity for his predicament rather than anything else. And supporters are just using him as a catalyst to open up various unhappiness about how our CPF is managed. His supporters are not interested in the main reason why the PM is suing him and that is he claimed in short the PM stole money from our CPF fund.

    • I think most people are happy that he is speaking up… when we are either too afraid or too lazy to do so. I wish he had put more thought into this first. You can say “someone” misappropriated funds, but you shouldn’t name any names UNLESS you have rock solid proof.

  4. There is a due process in our democratic system. Most activist who champion their cause needs to find a MP/NMP to support their ideas, bring it to parliament where their ideas can be debated. It might takes time and a lot of conviction. At the end, the house might not buy the idea. The activities have to accept or improve his justification of his cause. All these steps taken are necessary because each policy is affecting peoples life. A responsible activities who really wants to fight for the benefits of the people will not create half truth sensational blog and cry government is not listening in the hope of holding the government to ransom. But he or she will find ways and means to work with the government for his cause.

    Personally I am glad to see that Singaporean are getting more mature about politic. Not many people are being stir up by Roy’s saga. Many in the opposition camps are also disagree with his conduct.

  5. Please change your name to disgrace. Your are not simple but gullible and live in your little beautiful cage. Please do more sincere research before believing everything what you see on the surface. You will sure say sorry to Roy and thank him when you know the truth that is hiding beneath. You are just too lazy to find out the truth and make unfounded accussation against Roy.

    I don’t side anyone but side only the truth.

    You are a disgrace.

    • Hello TheGreenPastures,

      Please use your own name instead of hiding behind a community name, as it will implicate many innocent people. I won’t go after you, ‘cos God will.

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