Roy Ngerng vs PM Lee in Court: Don’t we all know the outcome already?

Yesterday, when I wrote that “One just does not make claims about the PM in a blogpost without being ready to take it to the courts“, I did not expect Roy Ngerng to have the balls to defend himself in court. So, kudos to him for this surprise move. 

I would not call him “brave” because it is always smarter to live to fight another day. Don’t fight battles that you know you are going to lose. Or does Roy think he stands a chance of winning? In which case, he must really be out of his mind.

Two very silly mistakes that Roy made:

1) Apologizing without any intention of honoring his word thus publicly demonstrating that he is not quite trustworthy.

2) Sending emails to local and international media thereby revealing that he is rather self-seeking and quite silly because local media would definitely make it known that his Youtube video had not been removed and that his blogposts were still accessible elsewhere. *facepalm* Also, I don’t like the idea of bringing in the international media. Though we are a small red dot, I’m sure we can resolve our internal affairs ourselves without external interference. Please don’t make us a laughing stock.

If Roy can only afford $5000 as damages because of his job as a healthcare worker which doesn’t pay very much, then it would be financial suicide to take on the PM in court. Sure, some folks online are eager to offer Roy money to finance his legal pursuits but I wonder how many of them will actually send the money over. Also, Roy has already lost some support because of the two silly mistakes listed above.

Here’s a screenshot of comments on his latest blogpost:

Roy Ngerng

At the end of the day, we Singaporeans are better known for being moviegoers. If there is a good ‘show’ about to be screened, we will be grabbing our popcorn tubs and watching as spectators. Don’t expect much more from us. But thank you for being another example of what not to do if we want to engage the government on matters of concern.


One thought on “Roy Ngerng vs PM Lee in Court: Don’t we all know the outcome already?

  1. Whatever will be will be the future not ours to see! He is an adult but a sensible one or not it is within himself to figure it out. In life if he wants to take the high road to do or write something controversial (especially about the government), then he must be prepared for the rewards (be recognition or fame) he reaps but also the consequences he will have to face. There will be people who will support him and there will be those that doesn’t. On the controversial article he wrote you may wonder whether if he did not write it than who will? Why, because after his article and the subsequent respond from the PM, we now know that many people or many of us “really” are concerned about our CPF more than before and questioning it even more vocally. In this respect we must give credits to Roy for this new found awareness and even praised him for his bravery and we should at the same time not encourage him to slander the PM because it will be him and only him to face the consequences. To some of us we agree and appreciate his effort in bringing up the CPF issues not the part about the PM misappropriation of CPF fund.

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