Roy Ngerng Soliciting Donations for his ‘Legal Defense Fund’

Roy Ngerng

In yet another video, Roy thanks his supporters and asks for their financial assistance towards his legal battle with the PM, which (according to him) could last for many months, to even a year.

Most of his “supporters” are donating $10 each, with a minority asking for tshirts to be printed, and at least one person pledging 20% of retrieved CPF monies to Roy.

If it’s going to be a long drawn-out battle, the funds Roy is getting now would definitely not be enough. But since Roy appears to be firm about not giving up without a fight, I’ll have to say he has got guts indeed. Good luck, dude.


Have been reading many nasty comments about the PM online. I guess few would want to be in his position, and have to deal with online dissent.

If the PM did not serve that lawyer’s letter to Roy at the start, the latter would have gotten bolder, made more (wild) accusations, and the online community might begin to take the PM’s silence as an admission of guilt.

If the PM tries to protect his reputation, and stop baseless accusations about himself by suing Roy, then he gets flamed too, for not being “magnanimous” and being absolutely “petty” [actual words used by netizens].

If the PM accepts the $5000 that Roy had offered, and closed an eye towards his video and emails to local and international media, he would thus have traded his reputation (to an international audience) for a 4-figure sum.

If the PM rejects the $5000 as ‘derisory’, he is accused of being money-faced, trying to wring too much out of a ‘poor’ healthcare worker, and is following in the footsteps of *ahem* people before him, and crushing the opposition like cockroaches, with the weight of the legal system.

Now, the question is: Who would like to be the Prime Minister? In his shoes, you cannot try to please everyone for you will fail terribly.

If the government continues with the CPF structure, people will complain that their monies are being locked up, and that they might have to die before they can retire and get their lump sum payout. More accusations about misappropriation of CPF monies will follow.

If the government abolishes the CPF structure, people will complain that they don’t have money for retirement, that they have trouble paying for their homes and their children’s education, etc. And in order to care for the (complaining) retirees who have no savings for their retirement, taxes will have to be raised. Then the workers will complain about the taxes, businesses might relocate, unemployment rates might shoot up, and there will be more complaints that the government is not doing anything.

In the case of PM Lee vs Roy Ngerng, the Prime Minister can and should only decide to ‘please’ himself. If his reputation is important to him (and I am sure it is), then only a truly sincere Roy should be let off the hook. No funny tricks, no emails to media.

In the case of Govt vs citizens-unhappy-about-CPF, the government should please the majority of folks; people who are happy there is a forced savings structure in place to help them get through those important phases in life: marriage and that first property, children’s university fund, retirement, etc.

Roy Ngerng, it is NOT about the money

Roy Ngerng vs PM Lee in Court: Don’t We All Know The Outcome Already? 


2 thoughts on “Roy Ngerng Soliciting Donations for his ‘Legal Defense Fund’


    HI Hi like to share with you if i may and hopeful for you to Blog : Do Singapore ” have a value system/DNA (value) within Singapore Constructive politics (2014)” ?

    I just wish LHL will have the wisdom to look at a WIN WIN outcome

    Both LHL and Roy can emerged as winners if both of them reaches out to their own values and not their respective lawyers for advice.

    I hope someone like you can help our beloved PM to reflect on the recent Prof Chan speech ” to adopt liberal democratic politic that are SHAPED by the Confucian conception of the good rather than liberal conception of the right ”

    In short the value of Greater GOOD for Singapore Politic win over the Right to aggravated damages with like 100 hours of community services at THE CPF board and removal of Island wide graffiti.

    Also check this out

    • Hi Choong Onn,

      Thanks for sharing. Perhaps YOU can blog about the topic and send me the link. 😉

      I do not think that the PM reads my blog so it is unlikely that I can “help our beloved PM to reflect”.

      Firstly, I do not think that our PM wants to be seen as a villain. It is just that he cannot take defamation lightly, especially when it is about a serious issue (CPF) that the whole nation is concerned about. If Roy had been sincere about the apology, then I believe they could have worked out a WIN-WIN situation.

      Unfortunately, things have moved too fast and it is all now out of control.

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